Im 17 weeks pregnant and about to have a abortion?

Im 17 weeks pregnant and about to have a abortion?

Im 17 weeks pregnant and about to have a abortion?


You can have an abortion up to 24 weeks. I've never had one before but know people that have and I'm sure the procedure is a lot different at 17 weeks than an abortion at 17 weeks. I'm not one to courage or discourage an abortion because it's a woman's own decision whether they want to do it or not. Ask a health professional what the procedure will involve. I know that once you get to a certain number of weeks you have to physically give birth to the foetus but not sure if this is the case for you or not.


Why the hell r u not taking precautions if u don't want a baby. And by the way I think the cut off is 12 weeks for abortion just give the baby up for adoption think about someone else besides yourself and did u know at 16 weeks u can tell if it's a boy or girl u nut job


If you had a abortion before,then why did you let yourself get pregnant again? 17 weeks is way too late to get an abortion. You are a cold,selfish person! Quit opening your legs if you do not want a baby! There are so many women on here that cannot have children on their own and would love to have a baby. The least your dumb *** can do is to go along with the pregnancy and give the baby up to someone who will love and care for him/her. Abortion is not birth control,the only surefire way to not get pregnant is abstinence.


Well, we all know it's all about YOU, because heaven forbid you be uncomfortable during this procedure in which you are killing a living being. You are obviously to self absorbed and immature to be a parent so the least you can do is be responsible and prevent the pregnancy instead of ending an already existing one.


I hope you are a troll, because aborting at 16 weeks is just not right. Abortion is not birth control, if you can't remember to take precautions, consider having your tubes tied.


If you have the money to be paying for your second abortion, then you need to avoid this happening to you a third time and get birth control! Its your life and you make your own decisions but honey make the right ones.


y did it take u 17 weeks to realize u wanted to have another abortion its too late baby is growing an u probably feel little movements by now smh


Are you that stupid you got your self pregnant again!!, girls like you who think abortion is the easy answer to being stupid and having unprotected sex are what give others a bad name. that is a life your killing. As for the pain i remember every little pain i had as i miscarried my baby at 16 weeks you deserve every bit of pain you feel.


I'm guessing you're trolling, but on the odd chance you aren't: It isn't a person at 4 weeks and it isn't a person at 17 weeks. It's a non-sentient parasite that a woman has every right to have removed from her body. Abortion without apology!



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