Im 17 and wondering if its possible to get an abortion at 30 weeks?

Im 17 and wondering if its possible to get an abortion at 30 weeks?

Im 17 and wondering if its possible to get an abortion at 30 weeks?


No. You can't abort a viable baby and your little one could definitely survive outside the womb on it's own. After all this time, why would you want to do it now? Why wait this long? This was a decision that if you thought you were going to make you should have done about 25 weeks ago. I don't agree with abortion period, but it sickens me to even think someone could pack their child 30 weeks and then consider it. If for some reason you don't want him/her or can't keep them there are many couples out there who would love it like their own.


Why on Earth did you wait so long for this type of a decision??? NO you can not have an abortion this far along, now it would be considered murder since the baby could live perfectly fine outside of your retched body. Why did you allow yourself to get pregnant in the first place, then wait so long to ask this type of question?? You made as irresponsible mistake and unfortunately your child will be the one paying the ultimate price. You should not have had sex in the first place, because sex leads to babies and diseases... especially when children are having sex and have no clue how to be responsible. If you can not handle the baby, have it and then give it up for adoption, there are tons of people who can not have babies who would love to have one and give it a loving and safe home and help he or she to be responsible adults one day.


i really cant even believe you asked this. your baby is fully formed at this stage its only taking the last few weeks to grow bigger. there is no way you could have an abortion now. it would be like killing a new born baby would you do that ???? you were old enough to open your legs and let yourself get pregnant take responsibility for your actions. its only a few more weeks and if you don't want the baby put it up for adoption. there are plenty of people who cant have kids who would gladly give your baby a good life if you don't feel its something you want to do.


No. 30 weeks is only 10 weeks (a little over two months) from full term. Look into adoption.


NO at 30 weeks the baby can survive outside the womb. If you are 30 weeks pregnant hold out and deliver and if the child is not wanted give him / her up for adoption.


an "abortion" now would mean inducing birth, having the baby like normal then just leaving it without medical attention in the hospital till it suffocates on its own. that's not right. there is no difference to that and killing a newborn that was never intended for an abortion.


30 weeks!!???!! Are you serious?? Your baby could be born now and live a perfectly normal life!! I'm pro-choice but there is no question about it. A abortion this late on is nothing less than MURDER!


30 weeks? Your kid could be born at 30 weeks and live to be 100!


at 30 weeks the baby can live outside of your body. Too late to kill it now.



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