If you travelled across the US wearing a T-Shirt saying "Gay Witches for Abortion"?

If you travelled across the US wearing a T-Shirt saying "Gay Witches for Abortion"?

If you travelled across the US wearing a T-Shirt saying "Gay Witches for Abortion"?


You'd probably be criticized, maybe even every day. But I think you could go an entire month without being assaulted (fist fight) and I doubt you'd be decapitated or stoned to death. Not every country is like that. Granted, some countries are pretty relaxed about 'their Christianity'. Unfortunately, those countries are often very uptight about 'their Islam'. I think it's a mistake to just assume that just b/c you support gay rights, women's rights, racial equality, pro-choice for abortion and other 'liberal' ideas, that you have to automatically support the rights of people to believe in an ideology (such as Islam). As a person in the UK, you wouldn't support the rights of neo-Nazis would you ? You wouldn't be like "Oh, they're OK. They're just letting off steam." ? Of course not. You'd realize that some ideas are contrary to peace and well-being and you'd oppose them. Also, try wearing a shirt saying "Mohammed was a pedophile" in the UK and see what happens.


I would laugh but I'm pretty sure you'd get some dirty looks around here (NE TX) BTW, I grew up here but lived in OR a few months. Even though there are many,many more who would identify themselves as Christian here, I came across more fanatical types there. Some people are more dangerous when they feel 'threatened'.


Did you see the Top Gear episode where they painted 'manlove rules' or something in pink on their truck and drove across Louisiana. When they started getting shot at they took it off in a hurry.


I'm still looking for a "Legalise Cannibalism" T-shirt...


Oh yeah you would. But hey you are wearing it to cause a stir....mission accomplished


Why not try it out and give us the answer to your own question?


In Texas, you'd be dead within the hour.


Have you seen Borat?


You would do it here only if you are a suicidal maniac...



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