If women most often feel relief after having an abortion?

If women most often feel relief after having an abortion?

If women most often feel relief after having an abortion?


Site you would be interested in http://www.imnotsorry.net/ As to the Q: I think like pregnancy, the effect each woman has from having an abortion will be different. I imagine that some, get thought it and feel great relief no problem. some, minor twinges and "what if" thoughts others might have problems with depression. What are the numbers on these reactions I don't know. I believe that the differences would be caused by several things, first how far along she is, her reasons for the abortion and how strongly she felt about them, other life conditions, reactions of the father, family and friends about the pregnancy and the abortion.


I consider myself pro-choice, but when I had an abortion many years ago I felt very, very sad. I cried so hard that the doctor had to give me a sedative. I was happy to be pregnant even though it was an accident. I would like to have kept the baby, but for a number of personal reasons I felt this would not be a wise choice. There was a sense of relief in a way because as soon as the pregnancy ended, my hormones went back to normal, and the fierce maternal instinct that I had been feeling suddenly vanished. I still feel sad about the abortion as this turned out to be my only pregnancy, but I also feel that I did the best thing under the circumstances. Other women's experiences may be different, but I find it hard to believe that a woman could go through that and feel only relief. It is so much more complicated than that.


I'm pro choice, but I feel that women should think carefully before having an abortion.


I've seen a number of studies go the opposite way myself. Most women who have abortions have second thoughts, regrets, etc. Assuming what you say is true, I still don't see what it changes. Pro-lifers base their positions off of whether the unborn is a baby with human rights or not. Kiki's right, this question is loaded. I think that's why people aren't giving you straight answers, you're not asking a straight question. http://www.news-medical.net/?id=36536 http://www.abortionfacts.com/reardon/aft... There's tons of stuff from women who've had abortions themselves who experienced regret. I saw a place talk about a study that said that specifically but can't find it.


I was told that it was an "open secret" with health professionals dealing with abortion that the emotional scar never goes away & if anything gets harder to deal with in time. A major review by the people who work in this area concluded that "informed consent before induced abortion should include information about the subsequent risk of preterm delivery and depression" Note that this information is coming from the very people who you might predict would want to minimise any problems associated with abortion. http://www.obgynsurvey.com/pt/re/obgynsu... Edit Judge Judy is citing a review from 19 years ago, whereas the one I cite is from 5 years ago. I guess more information came to light in the intervening 14 years. Edit From Rebel Man's first link: Since their last review in 1994 "The Royal College of Psychiatrists... has changed its position on how terminating a pregnancy affects women as a result of new research". They now say: "having an abortion may place some women at risk of developing mental health problems". They don't say that every woman will have problems, but they no longer think that abortion has fewer psychological consequences than following the pregnancy through till birth.


I understand that most of them do feel relief among other things. It is a privacy issue, legally speaking. Pro lifers have valid points, but many of them need to learn where to draw the line and mind their own business! For the Christian pro lifers - the issue lies between the woman and God. YOU have no business there.


Meh, pro-lifers have to bi*ch about people doing something that isn't listed in the Bible.....while they eat shrimp, look at statues of Jesus while wearing glasses, attend church even if they are having their period, and teach the Bible even if they are a woman....all things that are considered damnable acts according to the book they so love to swing around.


This is a self-validating question. It makes a major assumption IF they feel relief. However, I have discussed this topic in depth and interestingly no pro-abortionists have adequately refuted my refutation of their claims and my own claims.. which essentially make for the strongest arguments, instead, like you, they rely on pushing more rhetoric.. Just boring Here's an analogy "if murderers most often feel relief after despatching their victims" Then maybe "pro-life" people would do best to focus on the the things about premeditated killing that are so stressful? Absurd Edit: By definition an absurd question is not straight forward. It's rather difficult to comprehend something that lacks logic, though I have to say my own convictions make it seem illogical hence the analogy :) Edit: not to me lol since I question the logic of the question itself. Maybe if you rephrased it? Think about it :)


Even if I was pro-choice I would still doubt that. I assume you have some source to prove this 'fact'?



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