If under a new Healthcare reform that will cover abortions, should viewing sonogram be required?

If under a new Healthcare reform that will cover abortions, should viewing sonogram be required?

If under a new Healthcare reform that will cover abortions, should viewing sonogram be required?


This conversation is getting completely absurd. Kindly point me to ANY health insurance plan that does not provide coverage for contraception or abortion as an option. And you are not pro-choice if you think that viewing a sonogram should be a requirement. And who are you to determine what is someone's "measure of responsibility?" A woman's personal, private, and LEGAL health and reproductive decisions are nobody's business, especially the government's.


I think it is fine to have them review the sonogram. Doctors are required to give full information for other medical procedures so the person can make a sound choice weighing the pros and cons, I don't think abortions should be excluded, just because it might make a few women feel bad about what they're about to do. Yes, I think reviewing the sonogram and fully understanding the facts before making a decision is the best thing to do.


Why don't you people, meaning anyone that is getting into other peoples private business especially the health care of a womens personal choice worry about more important things that are affecting their own lives. I don't understand what business is it to those pediphile catholic priest have a lot of nerves trying to tell woman what they can and cannot have. Wake up and fight back for what you as a woman with your own brain choose to do with your body. P.S. if the men in your life don't like it, make them pay for the expenses for whatever will make you happy or stop giving them sex,


Not unless they're also offering to help pay for the child's upkeep. Just showing them a sonogram isn't going to change the reasons they're thinking of having an abortion in the first place. :-)



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