IF MEN COULD GET PREGNANT, would abortion rights in this country be challenged?

IF MEN COULD GET PREGNANT, would abortion rights in this country be challenged?

IF MEN COULD GET PREGNANT, would abortion rights in this country be challenged?


That's a silly old ploy of the Left, based on the assumption that men don't legislate against the bad things that THEY primarily do. The other bit of faulty reasoning in this is that a) women, who besides the babies themselves are the primary people affected by abortion laws, are 100% in favor of abortion and b) men are primarily pro-life -- and all of this is exactly due to gender issues. I bet if you break down pro-choice vs pro-life by gender, you might even find the majority of women are pro-life, or at least a very substantial minority, with the converse true for men. Pro-life people are that way not because of gender but because they believe it is a matter of morality- and pro-choice people are that way not because of gender but because they believe it is a right.


That's GOLDEN! Aaaaaaaaaah, I love it! I can just imagine it... Coming back home from work, and collapsing to the floor... "Margieeeee! My water's breaking!" Oh, man... Well, I figure that we boys'd at least start learning which end of the condom goes where if that were the case, but until then, ninety percent of my gender seems unfortunately unskilled and uninitiated when it comes to contraception. Also, abortion rights: Clinic bombs would stop, and you'd have the entire population of the U.S. of A. lined up at the doors every once in a while, heh. I think it'd do a lotta men good to spend a day's life as a woman... Or at the very least, it'd be darn amusing.


There is no such thing as abortion rights. No where in the Constitution is it found. It is the delusional world of 5 supreme court justices that it is. Killing babies in the womb is like killing oneself, illegal. Anyone with an ounce of morals will understand this.


Here we go again, everyone wants the government to force everyone else to do what they want. The last thing we need is more government. The Supreme Court made one error on Abortion, they should have refused the case altogether. As far as I am concerned, if California wants Abortion Rights fine, if Utah wants to ban them that's fine too.


Haven't you all heard or read about the child being born and surviving at only 21 weeks old?? No one can say with any certainty when a embryo/fetus/infant becomes human (i.e. conscience). Until they can solidly prove when it happens, you have to consider it as human from once it takes on human characteristics very early on in a pregnancy. With that being said, it is flat out murder to have an abortion. No one should have the right to commit murder simply being they feel like it. If you don't want to have a child, then simply don't put yourself in a situation to have one (i.e. not having it or atleast using birth control). The argument that statest "What if you are raped", is such a farse. There is some much research that it is much harder for a woman to become pregnant at such a emotionally negative state. Her body naturally trys to protect itself and looks to prevent the pregnancy. Your odds of getting pregnant are low as it is (must be at a certain part our your menstral cycle) then throw in the preventive measures your body uses, makes your odds of becoming pregnant very low when raped. Stop blaming others for your own actions. If you get pregnant (like my wife), do the right thing and raise the child to your best ability. That goes for both sides, not just women. I married my wife after only knowing her for 2 months due to an unplanned marriage. We had our troubles to begin with, but have been married for 6 years now and are quite happy.


It's hard to know how to answer, but I know what you mean. I don't know that the law can ever put men andwomen on a 100% level playing field, as much as I'd like to see it. Biology gets in the way.


As a man I can't fathom two ideas...One,being pregnant and two,how a women can go against having her own right to choose on whether to have the child or to abort.You need all the freedoms possible....Tom Science 4


From the looks of all the girlymen in America wait a couple years and we might find out. Go big Red Go


It would be a right of passage If men gopt pregnant they would be more responsible than women? WHAHAHAHAHA! Frog, dear, just look at the market for birth control , and the amount available for men, and women. Who do you think is using the birth control? Crap, we women even have to BRING the condoms!~


No they wouldn't.. but if Men could get pregnant, don't you think they would be a little more careful of who they sleep with and they would probably take action to prevent from getting pregnant more than we women do? Just think about that!



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