If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, would he support immigration reform?

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, would he support immigration reform?

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, would he support immigration reform?


His mission had nothing to do with immigration reform but with all Americans especially blacks getting treated equally. Now they are trying to use his words for illegal aliens, do they have no shame what so ever or what. Jesse Jackson is a fraud and we all know that. He would definitely have been against illegal aliens considering the damage they are instilling to the Black American.


The Rev. Jesse Jackson is the same one who used the N word when he thought the mic was off instead his comments were broad casted on national TV. Jackson should watch every action of unfairness and injustice that has occurred when he think the mic is off.


King, like Caesar Chavez was against illegal immigration. Both these men understood that illegal aliens take jobs from the poorest Americans and put downward pressure on wages.


Martin Luther King Jr. practiced civil disobedience in order to make sure that everybody (regardless of race) had their legal rights upheld. Using his name to justify breaking the law counters everything that he stood for.


He would favor applying the law to criminal infiltrators, NOT granting a separate legal class as Jackson and 100% of Democrats demand.


Absent specifics, such terms as "immigration reform" are meaningless. It's like asking people if they support "good government".


Immigration reform or amnesty for Illegals? He would be against illegals.


yes he would. But we still have a lot of great leaders today that are for immigration reform.


Yes he would. Just like any American that knows how much they contribute to America.



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