If a teenager has an abortion after about five weeks, can the doctor tell the sex?

If a teenager has an abortion after about five weeks, can the doctor tell the sex?

If a teenager has an abortion after about five weeks, can the doctor tell the sex?


There is a blood test that can be done on the mothers blood to check gender from 7 weeks and obviously they can test the fetus but I can't see any reason why they would do so unless the parents chose to have it done for some reason ie to reinforce just what she'd gone through in the hope of stopping her ever repeating that mistake.


No. No abortion place would do a dna test (which is expensive) and mail you it.. shes lying. And if by chance she ordered and paid for them to do a dna test it wouldnt take a week or two it would take much longer.


If they would have tried to find out yes, they could have looked at the DNA but they wouldn't have had a reason to do that. Even if they gave her a pill, the product of conception can still be collected and so would the DNA of the baby. They've done it for rape victims. And with DNA you can tell gender. But they would have no reason to do all that for your friend and they most definitely do not mail out that information for abortions.


Absolutely not! She lied to you. The sex organs don't even start forming until twelve weeks, and they never tell you what you are having when they do an abortion anyway. I don't know why she lied to you but she did.


no, 5 weeks u wouldnt even see it. that early u wouldnt have surgery. u would take a pill to trigger miscarriage. She would bleed like a regular period. maybe a lil heavier and longer.



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