I need to find an anti abortion clinic?

I need to find an anti abortion clinic?

I need to find an anti abortion clinic?


RIGHT TO LIFE is a great organization. I would highly recommend them! (505) 881-4563 2413 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 Near Sombra Del Monte



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Incomplete medical abortion with cytotec?
In my opinion I think you caught things very early and those pads you soaks through was it. Especially if you have already taken another 800mcg on top of that and nothing happened. When you took the extra 800mcg, did you cramp or spot even a little? If not then your uterus had emptied completely...

Abortion Pill Side Effects?
well i had an abortion and took the abortion pill. i was 8weeks pregnant, (im just going to share my whole experience with you) i made an appt at PlannedParenthood, i went in at 8:15, they made me pee in a cup, and checked my blood pressure, then i went and got an ultrasound done (they asked...

Has PA Senator Casey struck out???
I think people fail to realize the Obama bandwagon is huge because he will create new jobs for D.C. bureaucrats. If Hillary gets the gig, all the people that haven't mysteriously disappeared or died accidentally (and Dick Morris) associated with the Clintons will get back in the White House...

Man, dealing with abortion hardship... please need positivity.. :(?
So...this isn't a question. You just came here to post this super long story...? I probably wouldn't have gotten the abortion because of my beliefs, but sense it happened to you, you're just going to have to deal with it. You can't go back in time. It's not like any strangers on yahoo! answers...

Abortion law in Florida?
you need a parent but it is wrong to get an abortion if you can lay down and make a baby then you can go through 9 monthes of pregnancy and give it up for adoption unless you have a reasonable medical reason as to why you shouldnt have a baby then you shouldn't get an abortion or if you got...