I need thoughts on abortion.?

I need thoughts on abortion.?

I need thoughts on abortion.?


I am totally against abortion. But last year I read an article about a girl who had been raped by her dad and became pregnant! She had to get an abortion because the baby would not have develped right. I now believe that if the cituation is right there are times for aboriton. Rape by a family member is the only one i think personally is a good reason to get one or if you were raped and there was harm done to you or the baby! I just found out i was pregnant today after 4 really long months of trying!!!! Its been a rough road and just think that people who can get pregnant should give them up for adoption and not abort inless you are under certain circumstances! Being a whore and sleeping with multiple guys is not one!


I believe every woman has their rights. I would never be able to do it myself, and I DO NOT think it should be used as a form of birth control. I think adoption should always be considered first, but i do not think it is up to anyone else besides the woman to make up their mind about their bodies.I think in way this subject goes back to people playing the hand of God. They say its wrong to help people kill themselves while terminally ill, and they have made that illegal, but they let dr's kill little fetuses that are actually going to be people, and i feel its along the same lines. I personally think its a form of population control and that's why its still legal. Its not safe for the mother, if she has too many, and a lot of girls will have more then one.not all of them, but some.only one person can make that choice and live with it for the rest of their life, and i don't think its fair to judge because you never know the situation. the women who get raped not only by strangers but family members, should not have to bring a child into the world that way, especially since whoever did that to them most likely has mental issues and the child would inherit some of that. Its a very debatable topic. Good luck! It should be interesting.


I'm for abortion because I don't think any woman should be forced to have a baby she doesn't want. Just like no child should be brought into the world as a mistake- or unloved. Yeah some women should be more careful when they are having sex.. but mistakes do happen and no one should be forced to have a baby. I've just seen so many women who have had babies and it completely threw away their future. They had to give up all their goals and plans for the future to raise it. Another reason why Im for abortion- there are wayyy too many children being brought into this world by trashy, stupid people. And of course it's the government who has to take care of them.


When I was young and not having sex I was totally against abortion. I thought people need to be responsible for their actions. But as I got older and sexually active I became in favor of abortion because I just see too many ghetto and trashy chicks out there with their babies. In the end I dont think it is fair to bring a baby into a world that doesnt really want it. I think its disgusting that women use it as a form of birthcontrol.


MURDER! the baby can feel everything happing to it. Suction aspiration method uses a vacuum device 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner to suction out “the contents of the uterus” from a cervix which has been forced open. There is no medication given to the baby to lessen the agony of being ripped apart. After 16 weeks the abortionist uses special instruments to tear the legs and arms off the baby. He then punctures the skull and crushes it, then removes (and counts) the body parts. In this procedure the woman may receive medication to deaden the physical pain- however, her baby receives none. Saline abortion is also used after 16 weeks. A salt solution is injected into the amniotic fluid (bag of waters). This solution poisons the baby and burns off the outer layer of skin (with nothing given for pain). The baby actually convulses in pain for an hour or more before death. The woman goes into labor and delivers a dead baby. In the last trimester there are two methods used to abort a baby. One is Hysterotomy, during which an incision is made into the woman's abdomen and uterus (womb). The baby is lifted out and left to die or drowned in a bucket of water. The most barbaric late term abortion performed is Partial Birth Abortion. The provider turns the baby so that he or she is in a breech (or feet first) position. Labor is induced, and the baby is delivered, except for the baby's head. The provider then uses scissors to puncture a hole in the alive and almost born baby's upper neck just below the skull. A tube is inserted, and the baby's brain is suctioned out. The dead baby is then delivered. ABORTION KILLS A BABY Before a woman suspects she is pregnant, her baby's heart is already beating. At six weeks a baby is moving, has detectable brains waves, and responds to touch. At eight weeks a baby has fingers, toes and her own set of unique finger prints. At ten weeks she will suck her thumb, swallow and squint. If tickled or prodded, she will move away. At eleven to twelve weeks all body systems are present. With a safe environment, time and nutrition, she has all she needs to become a healthy newborn.


Take note--people who are for abortion are pro-CHOICE meaning they support the right for a woman to have the choice to do as she wishes concerning her body and her pregnancy. You will get a lot of opinions on this from pro-lifers who tell you it's murder. I'm going to tell you to take a step back and take a look at what is really at issue here--is it the concept of "murdering" a child or is it about the actual CHOICE? Because as I see it, abortion is really a non-issue because legalized abortion gives women the CHOICE to exercise their free will to decided whether or not they want one. If YOU personally think that it's murder, then that's your opinion and that is a choice that you make. However, I don't think it's right for pro-lifers to impose their opinions on those who choose to support the right to choose. I want to be able to protect future women's ability to choose for herself what to do. It is not up to me or you or beauracrats or conservatives what a woman should do with her body. THAT IS HER CHOICE. Once you take away this choice, you set back women hundreds of years and do a disservice to you and the women of the future. Regardless of what you think about the act itself, you have to recognize the fact that it's about choice which many people can't seem to separate. Just because you support the right to choose this doesn't necessarily mean you condone the act itself--it means that you are recognize that a person has the right to think for themselves and exercise their free will.


I'm totally against it. That's like killing a baby. I mean, if you think you can't raise the baby then you should have the baby then have the baby adopted. But abortion, shouldn't even be an option...that's just wrong.


well i am both i think getting and abortion is bad because you are killing a human being and you shouldn't of got pregnant in the first place because that is unfair on the baby that will have to live with it. But if you are only say 12-16 then i should think you should consider having an abortion.


Personally I wouldnt do it myself UNLESS i was raped. Otherwise I would have the baby. (have 3 beautiful girls already) and as for my thoughts on other people, I look at it like this, to each their own. It is a womans body and it is HER CHOICE on what she does with it and SHE will be the one to live with the choices she makes.



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