I know about Christianity, but what's the Islamic view on abortion and birth control pills?

I know about Christianity, but what's the Islamic view on abortion and birth control pills?

I know about Christianity, but what's the Islamic view on abortion and birth control pills?


Married women are not permitted to practice family planning or use of birth control. The Shari'ah (Islamic) law encourages Musims to have many children. Those who advocate the idea of birth control or contraception are no more but a group whose aim is to devise evil plots for Muslims in general. Accordingly, the Council has decided that birth control is impermissible in general. (1st question of Fatwa 2221, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, www.elifta.net)


Abortion is completely haram (forbidden) as Quran says "Kill not your children". Birth control pills are considered acceptable by some though.


Islam is based on christianity the same way christianity is based on judaism. So it's about the same


There is not one view. Most would be against it, but some progressives would be for it.



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