I heard this on the O'reilly Show, what's your opnion?

I heard this on the O'reilly Show, what's your opnion?

I heard this on the O'reilly Show, what's your opnion?


First of all- watching O'reilly simply means you have an open mind and insures that you have all the facts necessary to make an informed decision... On most issues! Since I can remember giving abortion any thought (a long time ago), it seemed odd to me that so many men had an angry opinion. I am a man and recognize the simplest of facts, I only plant the seed, the female nurtures, feeds and ultimately bears the fruit, so I would say she does the lions share of the entire process and not an easy one at that. Yea there are those that would call my position wimpy or machismo, but it's an enormous undertaking and for man to think he knows whats best just astounds me. The first part of my answer to you is: I believe that it should be a woman's decision alone and men should not have a say unless they are legally contracted to do so. The Federal Government should also stay out of this discussion as it lends itself well to self perpetuating politicians, that is, those who happen to wiggle through the primary process know they can use this single subject in the general elections as a wedge, insuring votes... Doesn't seem right to me that a politician would lose an election because they had to take a stand on one side of the fence that has nothing at all to do with governing. I do recognize that there must be some governing arm to implement law, so I would suggest that the individual states take it upon themselves to decide the subject one way or the other. And last, I do not agree that the church should have rights of non-profit to the extent that it can dictate to, or condemn political entities that are not a part of their anti-abortion philosophy, and goes directly back to paragraph 3 which holds elected officials hostage to their religion rather than the right or will of the people. I say let the state law be a public referendum by the women of this country.


Like all issues of morality on O'Reilly's program, abortion is not a moral issue, it is a political issue. Moral issue are often complicated and abortion is actually a very complicated issue. But as a political issue it is extremely simple--there is one simple way to think about it and everyone else is WRONG. Everyone else is a 'socialist'. Politicians (and the media) like to look at issues as black/white. There's a fence, and everyone is firmly planted on one side or the other, either this or that. In this case, either 'pro-life' or 'pro-choice'. But in fact that's not how this issue is at all. It is a continuum, a line of subtle gradations between two extreme positions, and hardly anyone is all the way to one end or the other. Most pro-lifers would allow an abortion in certain circumstances. Most pro-choicers are against 'abortion on demand', and don't think a thirteen year old girl who is seduced by a Bible Camp counselor (just an example) should be able to get an abortion without her parents' knowledge. The Republican Party is managing the abortion issue not as a serious question of morality but for political purposes. For their purposes it helps to simplify, and to appoint one single view that is the 'correct' one, and to generalize about anyone who doesn't share that view. But originally, the Republican/Christian position was that abortion was allowable in cases if (1) rape (2) incest and (3) danger the HEALTH (not LIFE) of the mother. They gave up these exceptions in recent years because they were found to unduly complicate the issue, to make it harder to talk about in black/white terms as O'Reilly does. If there are ever conditions where abortion is allowable, then should it not be up to the woman, her doctor, her husband or boyfriend, and her family, rather than the state? So people advocating a legal ban on abortion dropped those exceptions.


Bill O'Rielly has a way of making any liberal view seem petty and stupid. Saying it boils down to "don't tell me what to do" is an overly simplistic summation of the position. It's more like, "don't impose your beliefs on me." Not everyone believes that life begins at conception, therefore not everyone believes that abortion is murder. "Not wanting to be told what to do" is a broad statement, that he is substituting for "don't assume to know what my situation is and what's best for me." To translate that into O'Reilly's statement belittles the argument for choice. Both of these statements are completely belittling. He would have it seem that women that get abortions don't think about it at all, and just don't want to have to entertain the idea that it may be "wrong" in some sense. This is demeaning, quite honestly. The decision is a very serious and personal one, and for O'Reilly to boil it down to two petty statements is absurd.


I watch O'Lielly every night myself. Did you see the part when he said the women who are most adamant about maintaining Roe v. Wade are the "older feminists," the ones who fought hard for its passage and remember what it was like before abortions became legal? That knocked me out because I'm in that group, and that made sense to me, although certainly many young women support it as well. I have no problem "not being told what to do." Society is based on living within what we can't do - we can't drive above the speed limit, we have to stick to a certain side of the street, we can't steal our neighbor's TV because we like it better, we can't hit somebody when they piss us off, etc. That's not why I support reproductive freedom. Far be it from me to diss Billo's audience, but I suspect he doesn't have a lot of the pro-choice crowd listening to him. Plus, the idea of "wrong" is subjective. Abortion is a very difficult, very personal and private decision that the government has no business ruling on. I too believe abortions are inherently wrong, but believe even more strongly that it shouldn't be legislated against.


Well ya.....we don't want to be told what we can do with our own bodies. That's basically what it boils down to, and always has. I'm surprised this is a new concept to you.


It comes down to not being forced to live your life according to someone else's morality.


Your first mistake was watching Bill O'Reilly true "not being told what to do" and "not being told what they did is wrong". just sounds like a lack of personal responsiblity



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