I have a question about abortion.?

I have a question about abortion.?

I have a question about abortion.?


Yep. It will stay legal. South Dakota was the most likely state to eliminate abortion and even they lost. It is not government's job to stick their nose into the private decisions of citizens.


Probably who knows



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Kansas still has blue laws so this one isn't much of a surprise. Maybe they could get a license but wouldn't the mom have to assume an awkward position for target practice? Would that be the best option when the fetus wants to protect the mom from a potential rapist? Sorry, I had to type it...

Survey about abortion.?
I think that abortion should be allowed in extreme cases such as rape cases or if it is the best thing to do such as the mother's life is in danger. I don't think that abortion should be illegal if it were then there would just be a lot of unlicensed people performing abortions that would cause...

Why is it the women's choice for abortion?
Well actually its not, the woman's choice, or you might as well say its the murderers choice in whom he chooses to kill, or you might say it's the rapists choice in whom he chooses to rape and then kill you might say that these things are ok, but they are not, not at all, tho only choice a...

How many weeks of gestation is legal before abortion?
In California, an abortion can be performed legally up to 24 wks of gestation. Since you are only asking and not pregnant, I will just leave the info at that