I had an abortion and I regret it and want to get a tattoo with a quote but don't know what. Any ideas?

I had an abortion and I regret it and want to get a tattoo with a quote but don't know what. Any ideas?

I had an abortion and I regret it and want to get a tattoo with a quote but don't know what. Any ideas?


Do not get a quote. If you must get a tattoo, think about why. Is it to punish yourself and remind yourself every single day of a mistake you made. If so, don't get the tattoo at all. If you must get a memorial tattoo, make it a little rose, the symbol of babies that were not born. That way, you will never have to explain why you have it to people who have no right to know. Some people will hate you for having aborted a baby. Know that God forgives you. Loving and forgiving are you, O, God! That's a quote from the Psalms. But the Bible also says you shouldn't get tattoos. Forgive yourself and don't get any more abortions. God bless you.


Google child loss or grief poems you may find something you like. Get counseling to help you with your negative feelings about the abortion. If you don't get professional help those negative feelings can turn into something more serious like depression. Depending on how long ago you aborted it could also be a sign of hormonal imbalance. Make sure to follow up with a doctor to make sure you are ok after having aborted.


I don't a think a quote about the child will help You cope with your regret. I think you should get a quote about accepting mistakes and/or bettering your future life choices.



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