I am a teen mommy... I became pregnant at 14. Please read my story. Please. I need help...?

I am a teen mommy... I became pregnant at 14. Please read my story. Please. I need help...?

I am a teen mommy... I became pregnant at 14. Please read my story. Please. I need help...?


well let me first start by saying you are not being punished i believe that everything happens for a reason and every child is a GIFT from god not a punishment. i am sorry that you had to have such horrible things happen to you but i am proud of you for keeping your twins and now i think you are probably glad you did too! as far as this pregnancy i think you should keep it because like you said if you kept two how can you get rid of one? i got pregnant when i was 16 and i kept my baby and finished high school and even did a little bit of college. it can happen as long as you make it happen. yes twins and one more baby will deffinately be hard but you will get through it as long as you have the help and support which it sounds like you do from your mom and your boyfriend. deffinately tell your mom I personally know how SCARY that is but you have to so you can get her support. she might flip out at first but she will get over it and i hope that she will continue to support you. please please keep in touch and let me know what happens and if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to email me! arbbhb123@yahoo.com


KATE, CONGRATULATIONS on the baby twins your doing a great job being a mother and going to school. Having a boyfriend who knows you were raped and yet wants to have sex with you, but yet you say your christian.Im 18 and pregnant and im married hun tell you mother your problem and for god stop having sex.you don't need another baby.


Don't stress yourself out. Go to your doctor, or to the local drug store and pick up a pregnancy test. Make sure you're actually pregnant before you start worrying sick about what may happened. Im so sorry that you were raped, and even though I'm n atheist, you're story really got to me. I love the way your family still supported you, and how your boyfriend stayed with you.You have a lot of faith, and that is always good. Good luck.


Kate S, I find it extremely hard to believe one single word of your question. Do you want to know why? 1 Eleven months ago you were adopting a 13 year old girl 2 Ten months ago you were 15 and pregnant living with your father since your mother was dead 3 Six hours ago you had three daughters aged 14,15 and 16 I won't bother to mention the question of 23 hours ago when you claim to have been sexually abused


get the plan b pill it will stop the pregnancy up to five days after youve had sex just go to the doctor



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