How would you induce an abortion?

How would you induce an abortion?

How would you induce an abortion?


IDK what the hell kinda question this is - but most places will abort up to 24 wks, I guess it's better to do it in a DR office then for that poor child to be born to a bunch of idiots - or worse for the idiot and baby to both wind up dead!! EDIT - WOW - so now you want to slip something into someones food, that seems like premeditated murder to an unborn child - hoping that it doesn't harm the mother??!! You have serious issues!!


No but why would you make that story up in your head.. no theres alot of stuff that is dangerous to eat, but it doesnt abort the could just harm the baby really bad, and it could kill it but it wouldnt be an abortion!!! could also kill the mother. then that would be murder. i would not let anyone i didnt trust give me food, and i would not have sex with someone that is not responsible enough to have children and would not end up with someone that would do that.. please try to make up better more happy, non depressing stories up in your head next time..


No one should do is extremely dangerous thing to do....even natural miscarriages can be life threatening to the mother because of blood loss a do it yourself abortion would be even more dangerous!


Eating the leaves and stalk/stem of an azalea bush would cause a miscarriage, but it would probably kill you as well.


Ick, a bit of a morbid question. I would say if there is something that will kill the baby, it will most likely kill the mother too.


its to late.. the mother could die i under stand this may not be you but this question can affend many women on this blog.. you have to understand you are going to get rude feedback! its a ridiculous question anyway


Nope. It's not safe. You could end up with a dead girlfriend instead of a baby.


Well whatever it was would make you sick too


DON"T DO IT!!!! You will hate yourself for the rest of your life. You would be murdering a harmless little baby who never done anything to you but love you with all her or his hart! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DON"T DO IT!



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