How to cope, abortion?

How to cope, abortion?

How to cope, abortion?


You can't go back and change the past. You can only change your future. If you really want a relationship with your mom, my suggestion is that you need to let it go and forgive yourself and her too. Your mom was telling you to do what she thought was best for you at the time. And ultimately, you chose to go have the abortion. She didn't hold a gun to your head, you made the choice, even if she was pushy about it. It's not her fault that you got pregnant or that you finally chose to get the abortion and I think that directing your anger at her helps you to deal with your own guilt over your choice. Then you need to forgive yourself. You can't beat yourself up forever. You are going to have to come to terms with it because you can't change it. You did what you thought was right for you at that time. You may feel now like it was a mistake, but there are a million things I have done in life that I feel now was a mistake. But every choice in life, every mistake, every experience can be taken as a chance to learn something and become a better person. Maybe when you have a baby in the future, you will be a better mother because you will appreciate your child more. Maybe you will remember how your mom pushed you and be more supportive of your own children because of it. Just learn what you can and move forward. If you need someone to talk to, email me through here. I had an abortion before too. I won't judge you or be mean to you. Also, plz ignore the nasty comments that I'm sure your question will bring out. If the answer isn't helpful, ignore it, it's only other people's opinions.


I believe you that your mom coerced you to have an abortion I had a friend who's mom forced her to she was planning to keep the baby she was also a minor and manipulated her to get on just like your mum. It was so bad that even after she later had a false pregnancy a mental condition in which your body makes you believe with real symptoms of pregnancy but negative urine test . Don't listen to the people calling you out they have no idea how you must of felt being pregnant is a very hormonal experience and having someone constantly pressure you when you vulnerable and in an emotional state is hard. I'll pray for you and hope your healing process comes soon just think of this he or she in a better place being taken care by the lord :)


I know it's hard. Exactly this happened to my sister. You need to realise that obviously there was a reason why you had an abortion. Could you have coped financially? Could you really raise a child by yourself? Would your mother have supported you? Would you be able to go back to work or education? Were you mentally ready for a child? If the answer was no to any of these, then you need to realise that when you're ready, you can have a child, and you will be soo happy, and be able to give it everything you want and your child can have both parents and be loved. If you had had your child it may not have had the perfect life you would have wished for your child. I know it sounds bad but you can only get over it if you think of reasons of why abortion was the best idea.


Stop blaming your mom. It's not like she put a gun to your head. You put yourself in that situation by getting pregnant and you ultimately made the decision to have an abortion. So stop putting your mistake off on other people and start working on clearing your own conscience. I suggest you do some volunteer work- maybe help out at a homeless shelter or work with at-risk kids. Do something good for the world. You can never take back the abortion. It's over and done. But you can do your best to balance it out with good deeds. Not only will it make you feel better, you'll be making a difference in other people's lives.


Hey, Go to I think it will be helpful for you to find healing. It is very common to experience these things after an abortion. Its called post abortion trauma. You are not alone or "weird"! If you want to talk more email me :) Samantha


i think the best think to do is to go and see ur doctor and they will help you with support groups etc. have you tried talking to some one going through the same thing? i think this will really help you. i was forced into sex when i was 14 and got pregnant,,,,i had an abortion and although i dont regret it i still often get upset about it, talking about it with my close friend really help me. xxxxxxxxxx


well i know u said u didn't want one and ur mom forced you or whatever but was ur baby! and u didn't have to do it i tihnk a good way for u too be hapy again is join a group that protests abortion and tell tem ur story and tell it world wide then people can learn from it, so they know not to do it cause abortion is NEVERRRR the way


you need some sort of therapy/support group.



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