How soon can I fall Pregnant after a Medical Abortion?

How soon can I fall Pregnant after a Medical Abortion?

How soon can I fall Pregnant after a Medical Abortion?


A co-worker of mine a few years ago had an early abortion done. I think she was b/t 4-7 weeks. Anyway- for some reason after that she still had unprotected sex and the next month wound up pregnant again (she kept that one and now has a healthy, happy 2 year old) So in her case it seemed to really "open her up" but some women have trouble after abortions. I dont condone it but I wanted to answer your question honestly.


*face-palm* Why are you still using Methergine? Furthermore, having anal sex, while it does limit your chance of getting pregnant, doesn't totally eliminate the small chance. You need to discuss with your doctor a form of birth control that will work for you, dodging bullets will only get you shot.


Nothing to worry till you are doing anal sex . Vagina sex you must avoid 2/3 months if possible may be little more, because of inside weakness of vagina , it may damage and infect & bleed you .


After you've stopped bleeding it is possible. Did they not give you birth control? Usually they will give you at least 2 months worth of birth control, you could call the clinic and ask what you would need to do to get birth control from them.


That's just plain horrible! You get an abortion and then feel no guilt what-so-ever! How about you stop having sex if you don't plan on getting pregnant, or use a damn condom!


If you want to prevent it either stop having sex or use condoms.



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