How much should i bleed after an abortion?

How much should i bleed after an abortion?

How much should i bleed after an abortion?


Wait- you mean a medication abortion (abortion by pill), not a surgical abortion, right? A medication abortion is typically done within the first 9 weeks of a pregnancy- a surgical abortion is performed after 9 weeks. It sounds like you got a medication abortion, not a surgical abortion. In a medication abortion, you typically take the abortion pill at the clinic, which stops the pregnancy from growing, and then you take the second pill or set of pills (misoprostol) at home a few days later. More than half of all women abort within four or five hours after taking the misoprostol. For others, it takes longer. But most women abort within a few days. If you don't start bleeding within the next day or so, I recommend you call the abortion clinic and tell them that you haven't started bleeding yet. They'll probably want you to come in so they can examine you and make sure the abortion is working. Hope that helped. Best of luck with everything.


They should have explained this to you before the procedure. And I agree that you were ill-informed. Most people use medication abortion if they are before 8 weeks. Every woman is different. Maybe you got lucky.


"since i was so early they could only perform the surgical abortion" Either this is a fake post or you are ill informed.If you can have a medicated abortion.


I had the egxact same abortion, it is quite a horrific procedure. It depends on how much is taken. I started bleeding a normal period a couple of days later. Sorry hope this helps.


Abortion on request needs to require the approval of the biological father because if the man wants the child it's not her choice to abort it, just like in nations such as Japan or South Korea! And no, it's not 'her body', it's the man's child! Over here where I live, abortion is only legal in case of rape, maternal life, health, fetal defects, and/or mental health.



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