How much is an abortion in Georgia if I go the pill route?

How much is an abortion in Georgia if I go the pill route?

How much is an abortion in Georgia if I go the pill route?


absolutely no judgments here! there are a couple places that can help you: this organization helps women who need an abortion and financial assistance: planned parenthood in georgia does not provide abortions but gives referrals to places that do. and please get some counseling and take care of yourself. *hugs*


It doesn't sound bad! It's your body, and no one should tell you what to do with it! I think it's $300 - $400 at Planned Parenthood?


Hey, contact your nearest Planned parenthood , theyl tell you the abortion methods and how much it will be !! good luck & its you desicion dont let other people tell you otherwise .


It depends , but contact them and there is always adoption. Some people can't have kids.



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