How much is abortion for people who have no insurance?

How much is abortion for people who have no insurance?

How much is abortion for people who have no insurance?


The cost of an abortion depends on what week of pregnancy you are in, your income, whether or not you have insurance, and your family size. If you do not have insurance or do not make very much money, there may be funding to cover the complete cost of your abortion procedure. Find out how much an abortion will cost by going to our online Cost Calculator. Many private insurance companies will pay for abortion services at Planned Parenthood. You may call our Billing Department at (650) 574-5823 to find out if your insurance company provides coverage.


I think there are programs that will help in these kind of situations, although I must point out a condom costs much less than an abortion.


my cousin had it done and apaid 325.00 it just depens of whree you go but it wont be more than 450.00


last time I heard it was about 250.00. Just please make sure you think about this before you do it! I am soooo glad that I changed my mine with my 1st.... I dont know where I would be with out him he is my angel! I know this is your choice but please think about it!



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