How much does the Abortion pill from Planned Parenthood cost in Dallas, Texas?

How much does the Abortion pill from Planned Parenthood cost in Dallas, Texas?

How much does the Abortion pill from Planned Parenthood cost in Dallas, Texas?


This Site Might Help You. RE: How much does the Abortion pill from Planned Parenthood cost in Dallas, Texas? How much does the Abortion pill from Planned Parenthood cost in Dallas, Texas?


I'm actually going through this right now. I went into Planned Parenthood in Tucson, AZ yesterday and paid $460. That included blood work, a vaginal ultrasound, a consultation, and all of the pills. They give you the progesterone blocker right there in the office and then they give you a bunch of stuff to take home. You start an antibiotic that night to prevent any infections. Then 24 hours after your visit you take an anti-nausea pill and 4 of the pills that induce your miscarriage. You continue the anti-nausea and pain pills as needed. After two weeks you go back for another vaginal ultrasound to ensure that the pregnancy is terminated. This is all included in the cost. Don't let anyone on here judge you. I always said that I wasn't the kind of person that would have an abortion, but sometimes you don't know what you would really do or what type of person you really are until life sneaks up and slaps you in the face. Good luck, and don't feel bad. You can't put a price tag on relief or piece of mind.


The whole procedure itself costs around $400, which includes the abortion pill, as well as the other pills they'll give you because of blood loss & such.


Usually in the area of $50. In my state, it is $34 at Walgreens. And hon, you are not even aborting anything. Plan B is not an abortion. There is nothing there. I love it when these people tell you how to run your life, and they can't even run their own. Love the 16 year old pregnant girl... I'm so glad she wasn't my mother. ("Your own flesh and it. And she will likely tell you the propaganda tape the silent scream is real too. It is a yawn. All mammals yawn in utero. God, schools teach nothing anymore. That poor girl.) And hon, birth control is free at Planned Parenthood, and they don't even call your parent!!! Have babies with a wonderful man in your future... a man prepared to parent for two decades with you... not some bf of the month. I promise you, you will never be sorry.

slkusract These companies are reliable and fairly fast. They email when the order is processed and when it ships. Takes a week to receive package as stated on the website. Best part: They actually answer your questions quickly.


im not sure, but im pretty sure all planned parenthoods are income based? And if you need to have the procedure done im pretty sure they will sign you up for medicaid to cover it.


it costs about 400 to 450 bucks. thumbsdowned for being honest as usual. GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELVES LIFERS!


Doesn't anyone know how to use Google?


it can't be ALL that much.... Planned Parenthoods are near all the ghetto trashy poor areas and mainly serve those who are inhabitants of such places.



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