How much does it cost to get the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood in Boise?

How much does it cost to get the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood in Boise?

How much does it cost to get the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood in Boise?


You'll have to call and ask. Piper's mommy- Oh, boo-hoo. Give it a rest with the "the world is so unfair" crap. So the OP is pregnant and you're not. She doesn't want to be pregnant and you did. So, what? Why should she be made to feel bad about making a decision about her own body just because someone else in the world had a miscarriage?


I think it is 650 but you should call the clinic they will let you know about cost and scheduling.


Why don't you call and ask? Or put this question in a better section? Cause here you're asking hormonal pregnant ladies and women like me who are emotionally wrecked from having to try so hard to get pregnant just to miscarry when people like you easily get pregnant and then go through with killing their child. The world truly isn't fair.


i got mine for $300


Why don't you call and ask?


Dang at least give the baby up for adoption!



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