How much does a chemical abortion cost in Arizona clinics?

How much does a chemical abortion cost in Arizona clinics?

How much does a chemical abortion cost in Arizona clinics?


In other words, what some of the others are trying to say to you is that if you don't agree with THEIR stance then post your question elsewhere. I say KEEP posting your questions here and don't be afraid to. I'm sorry I can't answer your question because I don't know what a CHEMICAL abortion is nor the price but I wish you luck. To the person who says "just don't get pregnant" I say "just don't get raped" because then you will have to deal with this from a totally different standpoint. Hey, there are circumstances in life where we all better be a bit more understanding.. and if we can't.. well then we better simply mind our own actions and stay out of those of others.


I'm not too sure sorry. In Australia it's about $300. Just make sure you think long and hard about it and make sure it is the best thing for you! You will get alot of mixed opinions here, but just remember IT'S YOUR CHOICE!


Please, don't have an abortion. It is murder. If your mother had done that to you then you wouldn't be here. Your not a responsible person if you want to kill your unborn child. Don't even take the risk of getting pregnant if you don't want to have a child.


I don't think people should continue to post questions about abortion in the PREGNANCY section when there are SO many women on here trying to conceive! and a lot of women who can't have babies .. I don't think they should continually have to read questions about Abortion. Next time try WOMENS HEALTH. And if you don't want a "Pro-Life Rant" .. next time take your question to POLLS AND SURVEYS! My personal opinion: It's going to COST A LIFE!


it wont cost anything if you are careful and dont get pregnant. abortion is murder dont forget it



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