How much do abortionists make?

How much do abortionists make?

How much do abortionists make?


Good grief Helena, there's no crying. Its not "eerrie and sad". If you had ever been where the procedure is done you would know that. No doubt the anti-abortionists planted this seed in your brain. And I'm here to tell you its a lie. **************************************... According to a 1993 article "Fear is not the only reason so many doctors shun abortion practice. There are other deterrents like the sheer tedium of the procedure to the relatively low pay -- about $50 per abortion in some cases."


idk But no amount of money or perks could ever make me become an abortionist.


i dont know. but why would you want to be one? you're ending the life of a baby. even if it isnt 'alive' yet, it would have been if you didnt do it. even if you have no objection to abortion, think about all the crying women and how eerie and sad your work place would be. if you were concidering it. there are heaps better jobs around.



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