How many women that get abortions get pregnant again?

How many women that get abortions get pregnant again?

How many women that get abortions get pregnant again?


I had an abortion when i was 17 & i am now 22 & I got preg. 2 years after my abortion but thats becuz i have issues which took me longer to get preg, now i have a son & daughter who are 2 1/2 & 1yrs old their 17 m & 18 days apart so it reallydepends on the person


A quick browse finds no reliable statistics. However, I'd guess that most women who have abortions DO go on to have another pregnancy -- when their life situation is better and they feel ready/able to have a child. (Abortion almost never results in permanent infertility.) Approximately 2% of women of childbearing age have abortions each year. 47% of them have had at least one previous abortion.


me had an abortion 11 years ago. Now, I have 2 children.



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