How many months can u get a abortion?

How many months can u get a abortion?

How many months can u get a abortion?


Second and third trimester abortions are illegal, at least they are here in California. In other words, you cannot be more than 3 months and receive an abortion. EDIT: It's amazing to me the way people who don't even know someone can judge them so harshly. The law provides for a woman to make her own decision regarding her body and the birth of a child, the law is on our side because it's our decision and no one else's. If you are considering an abortion, think hard before you do, and don't let the opinion of others make you feel "disgusting" or like a monster. @GwennieB: Hmm, no I don't. I assumed that was still the law but this is conjecture from the way things were about ten years ago! So you could easily be right. I do know that abortions later in pregnancy are tougher, carry a higher risk and are only done when the mother or baby are at risk. Frankly, I think a baby 24 weeks would be much to big to abort unless it was totally necessary, but that is just an opinion.


In the UK, the pill method is used until 12 weeks. Then up to 6 months they basically vacuum the baby out of you. Anything after 6 months is against the law


Depends where you live, in Australia is most states you can abort up to 24 weeks. Check with your doctor.


It's usually done in the 3rd month. I am pro-choice but always make sure to take your time in deciding this.


2-3 depends.


up till 24 then the baby has a chance of making it outside the womb...your disgusting if your thinking bout getting one.


if it is by Doctors 12weeks and if its private i think its much ruther on 20od Weeks not sure





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