How many days it will take for mt pill abortion?

How many days it will take for mt pill abortion?

How many days it will take for mt pill abortion?


Before anyone like you're above answers says anything or has a go at you Pro-choice people leave this girl alond honestly Abortion is not wrong thumb me down I really couldn't care if you can't handle the fact that this person doesn't want a kid then grow up and get lost basically at least they are person enough to know that they can't handle it right now ect. Now for the answer right I'm not too sure on how long but i've done some research for you Now I hope this helps but even though I ranted earlier are you sure this is what you want if not then don't but if you're sure then its upto you hope this helped

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she sounds like a b itch . their was a case like this in L.A. you could take her to court but most likely you wouldnt win. shes 5months? no respectable place would give her abortion unless it appeared as if the baby would be handicapped.

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