How many babies AND THEIR MOTHERS would die, IF Abortion was not made legal?

How many babies AND THEIR MOTHERS would die, IF Abortion was not made legal?

How many babies AND THEIR MOTHERS would die, IF Abortion was not made legal?


Few. Abortion has always been legal when the life of the mother was at stake. Many a doctor back in the day would take care of business, and not be held legally liable, if the mother was in danger. Spare us your ignorant revisionist history.


Less pregnancy since this form of birth control would be gone. Millions of babies lives saved. People would have to be more responsible. A trait we seem to have lost since Roe VS Wade And every year 140,000 women need medical treatment for complications due to abortion. So it's not safe now. Plus that destroys the argument that pregnancy puts a mother an more risk than abortion


Actually, most women would just birth the baby and abandon it somewhere. That's why orphanages were always poor and full.


A hell of a lot less babies, but no one is suggesting abortion should be illegal if the mother's life is in danger from the pregnancy. No one that I've heard of is suggesting it, I mean.


the fetus suffers less in a professional medical clinic than in a back alley


As many people as Bush's war has killed. But who cares about Afghanis and Pakistanis, right? They're not people!


too many!



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