How many abortions is TOO many? should there be a limit on how many you can get?

How many abortions is TOO many? should there be a limit on how many you can get?

How many abortions is TOO many? should there be a limit on how many you can get?


I see no way to enforce a limit on abortion. Abortion providers should ask women if they would like contraception counseling and make a referal if they themselves do not provide that service. I don't understand the reference to taxpayers. Which country picks up the tab for abortion? In the US, unless you are so poor that yoiu are on Medicaid, abortion is paid for by you or your insurance company. Some providers are cash only. Clearly women who have multiple abortions, like women who have multiple spontaneous miscarriages are not taking very good care of themselves. Why try to coerce them into having a baby to screw up as well? The world is overpopulated. How many children are too many for one woman to have?


You either believe abortion is murder, or you don't. If you don't, then abortions should be unlimited. IF you do, then abortions should only be used when the life of the mother is at stake. If you don't believe abortions are murder, then you believe that you are just having a procedure to remove some unwanted cells from your body.Therefore you should not be limited in the number you have. Its a shame that someone would need to have more than one. Most states provide free birth control for women with low incomes.


No we don't all know women who have had multiple probably live in an area where men are not using birth control. Irresponsible men don't.


1 abortion is too many. Don't want the responsibility of a baby? Don't have sex. Plain and simple. The point of sex is to make a baby, not **** around and refuse to step up to responsibility. Abortions are a weak girls way out.


The issue of abortion should only be between the individual woman, her doctor and her deity. I can't take any man who is anti-choice seriously when he will never have to carry a child to term and spend 18 years raising it. I say let there be as many abortions as needed, but lets also raise awareness of sexual violence against women and have a more thorough sex ed program in schools (none of this abstinence-only BS) so we can avoid some of those unwanted pregnancies in the first place.


Nature already sets the limit of "too many abortions" because women reduce their own chance of being able to birth a child with every abortion they have.


A waste of taxpayer money? Abortions are generally not paid for with tax dollars. See Mexico City Policy, the Hyde Amendment, and the prevention of abortion services for military personnel who are stationed overseas. Just what taxpayer funds do you think go directly towards paying for abortions? Yes, five IS too many for "girls" to have. Females under the age of 18 are girls, and having that many abortions under the age of 18 means that the female in question started having sex much too young. Who is going to enforce your "one abortion" policy? Do you propose that there be some giant federal registry of who gets an abortion? That's a huge invasion of privacy, and a violation of HIPAA. As for "mistakes"..a year after I got married, I got pregnant on the Pill. I miscarried. I got pregnant using foam and condoms TOGETHER, and carried that pregnancy to term. About 3 months after I delivered, I got pregnant AGAIN, with an IUD, and again, fortunately I miscarried. Since the IUD was causing health problems AND wasn't working, I had it removed after I miscarried, and quit having sex. My husband was not thrilled with this, but it looked like the only way I could avoid getting pregnant. Fortunately, I was able to get my tubes tied after going through a lot of doctors. I got pregnant three times, in the span of two years, and each time was with my lawfully wedded husband. I think that anyone who is against abortions should have one. YOU think that EVERYONE should be denied the opportunity to get a safe, legal abortion. Don't fool yourself...making abortion illegal just means that women will get them illegally. It really won't reduce the number of abortions. The rich will go to someplace where abortions are legal, and the poor will go avail themselves of illegal abortionists, just as they did before Roe v. Wade.


They should just call abortion 'Return to Sender' lol


It's not a waste of taxpayer money cause if you end the 'life' of a cluster of cells, you don't have to pay for the baby's childhood, education, adulthood, living expenses, etc.. so you pocket money if you think about it.



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