How many abortions are there in America per year?

How many abortions are there in America per year?

How many abortions are there in America per year?


About 3,999,386 too few.


Not enough.



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Spiritually speaking, how is it that the kind of people who are against abortion "right to life"?
I suspect the main problem is that "right to live" people think of the world in black and white and think that humans always have a choice in a matter. So women who get pregnant choose for the risk or to be so, but a fetus hasn't had the chance to choose anything so it must be protected. Similarly...

Planned Parenthood Services?
Planned Parenthood specializes in abortions. That is how they make their money. If you want a free ultrasound, you should call your local crisis pregnancy center, many of whom offer this service for free. You can find the closest one to you by calling CareNet, googling abortion...

Can A child have an abortion without her parents knowing in the state of Florida? Im from NYC,?
Tallahassee, FL ( -- A Federal judge has turned back a request from the Planned Parenthood abortion business to stop enforcement of a parental notification law that requires it and other abortion centers to let the parents of a minor teen know when she's thinking of having an abortion...

What are some good reasons to illegalize abortion?
None. I thought the whole idea and point of this country was freedom and hope. You take away abortion you take away a freedom. Any success at this is only the beginning. I wish people would realize that if the government is successful at overturning such a controversial law it won't stop...

Why are Rand Paul and Chris Christie considered top GOP 2016 candidates?
Chis Christie is the ONLY candidate that has a real chance of getting elected. The Libertarians are a small group, but they are the loudest. The Tea Party isn't what it was meant to be, anymore, also a small group. Most of them are on this forum constantly. The majority of the people don't...