How many abortions are performed in a year?

How many abortions are performed in a year?

How many abortions are performed in a year?


Worldwide? 42 million. It's actually quite hard to get a reliable figure for the Iraq one. The civilian death toll is the subject of huge debate. Ignoring civvie casualties altogether, the figure is 86,515 if you count the military death range at the highest estimate. Tragic really. 86,515 human people dead in the military alone. All those people who were loved, and did love. All those fathers, sons and uncles. I'd double the abortion rate this year to bring those men back, and I have a crystal clear conscience.


1. Loaded question - but no one can really count because the definition of abortion is vague and disputed. 2. Too many as the war was started under false assumptions.


I've had three this week. I might have three more next week. I'll let you know if I see any other repeaters.



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