How many abortions are performed in a year?

How many abortions are performed in a year?

How many abortions are performed in a year?


Worldwide? 42 million. It's actually quite hard to get a reliable figure for the Iraq one. The civilian death toll is the subject of huge debate. Ignoring civvie casualties altogether, the figure is 86,515 if you count the military death range at the highest estimate. Tragic really. 86,515 human people dead in the military alone. All those people who were loved, and did love. All those fathers, sons and uncles. I'd double the abortion rate this year to bring those men back, and I have a crystal clear conscience.


1. Loaded question - but no one can really count because the definition of abortion is vague and disputed. 2. Too many as the war was started under false assumptions.


I've had three this week. I might have three more next week. I'll let you know if I see any other repeaters.



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Is it true that having an abortion increases chances of breast cancer by 800%?
No, it isn't true The anti-abortion movement has sought unsuccessfully to prove that there's a link between abortion and breast cancer.. For example, 'The Breast Cancer Epidemic', a study conducted by the London based Pension and Population Research Institute takes data from 8 European countries...

Are abortions going to be free in texas?
The only thing free about abortions in Texas is that they will be unavailable unless you have money. As the article says, low income women will go back to using illegal abortionists, who are not free, or go across the border for them.

Why is "a women has the right to choose what to do with her body" the reason abortion is legal when....?
Prostitution is legal here in New Zealand. So, I can't really give an answer. Both abortion and prostitution are legal - so I guess she does have complete say over her body.

Myth or Fact: Reagan signed into law California’s first law permitting legal abortion?
True. He also raised taxes 11 time when he was President and tripled the deficit.

How many weeks pregnant is it until you cant get an abortion?
Where do you live? In most states throughout the USA, abortion is typically available up to 20 weeks, and sometimes it is available up to 24 weeks or later depending on where you live and what your circumstances are. In the UK, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks and is free through the NHS (National...