How long can u wait before abortion is no longer an option?

How long can u wait before abortion is no longer an option?

How long can u wait before abortion is no longer an option?


Depends where the abortion will be done, some places offer to abort the baby when it's in the third trimester, some don't. Having an abortion in the third trimester, I wouldn't recommend it at all, the sooner the better. They have to kill the baby with an injection, then they have to induce you into labor, and you have to give birth to a dead baby. Really sad and wrong. For someone in the second trimester is as bad. I graduated from high school last year, and there was a girl who got pregnant, her boyfriend told her that he'd stay with her and take care of the baby, but when she hit the sixth month, he didn't want anything to do with her anymore and she decided to get an abortion, that's harsh. When someone is pregnant, and they want an abortion, the sooner the better, within six weeks of finding out. The baby is still an embryo, not yet a fetus, it's still a tiny cell that can't feel pain, and the abortion will be much more simple and painless. My friend told me a secret, that she had an abortion within six weeks weeks oh her pregnancy. She said she didn't feel any pain and it only took a couple minutes while she was having a conversation with the clinician. So if anyone is thinking about abortion, they shouldn't wait on it. Many people are against it, but it's the own individuals choice, but it should be as soon as possible. Good info on Abortion PS - In my opinion, people who give their babies up for adoption here in the US, I don't care for that idea because there's much more needy children out there that are already born into this world that need a home, and need to be loved. So if abortion is an option, people should take it, if you think about it, how many children out there are dying out in the streets? How many children are going through that here? More women should be responsible and take birth control. I'm on Nuva Ring the once a month birth control and I highly recommend it.


It varies from state to state. If one is going to choose this option, then it's best to do it before three months have passed- otherwise, it's a much more complex, expensive, and--for many--a morally-ambiguous procedure. In general, if it's done after 6 months have passed, then it can be done only to save the mother's life (and even that is against the Catholic religion--their policy is that if women die in childbirth--well, it's just too bad, it was God's Will). In any case, abortion opponents LOVE to cite those very rare examples of people who get it done at "the last possible minute," because it supports their position that women who don't want to carry an unwanted pregnancy (or give birth to a defective child from a previously-WANTED pregnancy) are a bunch of selfish monsters who are willing to destroy a being that could conceivably live outside of the womb. In any case, my advice is to NOT wait until right before it's no longer an option. Those folks don't WANT us to have any options at all (except abstinence before marriage and bearing and raising every baby that comes along afterwards). Waiting "too long" only serves to throw fuel on the fires of fury that burn in those folk's hearts. (Refer to the first answer you got--see what I mean?)


Jess, I hope you are asking this because you DON'T want to abort your baby. It depends on the state in which you live. If someone is pressuring you to abort, don't do it. You are the one who will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. And remember, forced abortions are illegal in the United States. For more information, see: Photos and Video of Abortions, Including 1st Trimester Abortions: Information on All Aspects of Abortion: Photos and Facts About Prenatal Development: Abortion Stories: Abortion Risks: Abortion Deaths: Free, Confidential Pregnancy Help (including referrals for financial, medical, legal, and housing assistance- free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds- free maternity and baby supplies- pregnancy, parenting, and adoption information- counseling and emotional support): Support for Pregnant Teens: Support for Pregnant College and Career Women: If I can help you at all, please email me. You can do the right thing. Please protect yourself and your baby.


Abortion has ALWAYS been, and will ALWAYS be, an option. There are even instructions on how to abort a pregnancy in the Bible (Numbers 5:12-31). Thanks to Roe v. Wade, no American woman can be FORCED to have an abortion, unlike women in China, where the government controls reproduction. The U.S. Supreme Court even acknowledged that without Roe, the government (which regularly kills people) could force abortions in future efforts to control the population (PP v. Casey).


For god sake the girl is only asking when it is legal til, not for your opinions as to whether it is a good or bad choice, it is just a question! Every woman has the right to choose and should not be judged especially if we don't know the circumstances. I'm in the UK and it is legal to abort a baby up to 24 weeks pregnant.


the first trimester is the best time. and to the moron that said as soon as the sperm penetrates the egg-- a lot of times an egg is fertilized and cannot find a suitable place to implant & flushes out, so technically that doesn't count as a pregnancy. and to the rest of the "murderer" yellers-- go adopt a crack baby, then come and preach your self-righteous nonsense


WHOA people, leave the poor girl is not your place to critisize her and make her feel like ****. She is asking for a real question and is going through enough as it is....I am not sure what the cut off is but I do know it is within the first trimester. Good luck what is going to be best for the child...if you are going to be able to care for it don't bring it into this world or give it to somebody that can....the desicion is completely up to you, not these jack****es


Abortion shouldnt be an option if you have to ask yourself "how long can I wait". I have heard that some doctors will perform an abortion up to 24 weeks, but at that point it is impossible to pretend it isnt a baby, because you can feel it kicking and you can see a tiny face/hand/leg/foot on an ultrasound by that time as well. Please consider adoption.


Adoption is the best alternative (there are plenty of people out there that would love to adopt an infant), but if you feel you have no other choice, check your state laws. If it's legal in your state, then it's likely to be week 20. That's considered a late stage abortion. But seriously, consider adoption. To me, it's not even the morality of it, but more of the fact that there are thousands of couples out there unable to conceive that would give that child a wonderful home full of love.



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