How is an abortion done?

How is an abortion done?

How is an abortion done?


It depends greatly on when you have the abortion. Between 4 and 8 weeks you can either have a D&C where they put you to sleep and take out the foetus or a chemical abortion which acts very much like a miscarriage by taking pills that makes the womb contract and the womb lining to come away. You stay in hospital until the foetus comes out and have to go to the loo with a kidney dish in the bottom to catch the foetus, it is illegal to flush it away, they take the foetus and incinerate it unless you agree to medial test, like stem cell test. Later than 8 weeks its a D&C. It is legal in this country (england)to have an abortion upto 28 weeks as before 29 weeks the foetus is not considered 'viable' (able to live outside the womb). Then they will insert forcepts and crush the foetus' skull until it dies then remove it, it's probably the sickest thing I've ever heard of and in other countries, Spain is one you can get this done later. I personally do not agree with abortion after 8 weeks unless the baby is going to be so handicapped that it would not have any quality of life. Good luck with your project. Best Wishes Kez x


I agree with punky. You should call some clinics and go online to some medical websites. Otherwise you get crazy rants from people who want you to believe what they believe. Plus they are different ways to have an abortion. You should be able to find out things like miscarriages are called spontaneous abortions in the medical community.... Look it up in medical sites you'll be better off.


Many abortions are done brutally, using a knife or a saline solution. Ultrasounds show that the baby feels much pain and tries to get away from the source of the pain.


first of all, to write a great pursuasive essay - look at who you are trying to pursuade. The teacher, the other students, who's your audience. So you'll want to tune your arguments towards that audience. For instance if someone was pursuading me to root for the Milwaukee Brewers instead of the Minnesota Twins I would not care. So if you are trying to pursuade people not to get abortions, look into why people in your target audience get them, versus how they are done. Then look into why people have unwanted pregnancies. And pursuade for prevention of that.


With an abortion, the fetus dies or is killed. However, enough resouces are released to save 12 born and loved kids. So the net result is life saving, not killing. Your choice is to save one fetus or 12 kids.


Google it or go to Planned Parenthood's website. I know they have info on abortion there, but I'm not 100% sure if they explain how it's performed.


do some objective research. Asking the question on here is going to get you a bunch of worst case scenarios from all the crazy pro-lifers. Call your local Planned Parenthood, they should be able to give you some information.


Depending on the size... I've heard they cut up the fetus into smaller pieces and suck it out with a vacume.


Go research it, we are not a good, suitable source of information for an essay.



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