How easily is it to get pregnant after a medical abortion?

How easily is it to get pregnant after a medical abortion?

How easily is it to get pregnant after a medical abortion?


You are most likely not more fertile after the abortion. Women can ovulate but not have a period, this is common. It sounds like you are being very paranoid after just getting pregnant. Just be safe and protected. A medical abortion means surgery, so most likely are less fertile right now because your body does not want to get pregnant again. It can happen, but rare. Just like after childbirth, after a pregnancy termination the body is not ready for another pregnancy. Just let your body heal and recover. Do not stress over this or you will make it worse. Good luck.


I've not heard of anyone being more fertile because of an abortion, and because your using contraception and followed the doctors instructions your probably not pregnant. Perhaps your about to come on your period? If you still think you are then I'd say wait about 2 weeks before taking a test.



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