How does abortion affect politics?

How does abortion affect politics?

How does abortion affect politics?


Distraction method. Neither side is going to do anything to change the laws. The "open-minded," free-spirited liberals have collectively decided that they want a political party that is pro-choice so they will become fans of any politician in their party that preaches that b.s. just like the Neocons feel that abortion should be banned in all forms. Realistically, neither of these insane political parties are going to change anything they use this topic as a way to con you into actually believing that you are part of that political party. It plays a way bigger role in politics than it should as many people actually believe that this issue along with gay marriage and capital punishment are the only issues that matter when it comes to politics. I personally will not have an abortion and don't care who gets one. I can see why one would feel that it is murder and if someone wants to kill an unborn baby, let them answer to God (or whatever you believe in).


The issue is a lure to get some people to support politicians that will turn around and start wars for no good reason, let companies rip off consumers, let more poor kids go without health care, let industries contaminate our air and water with no limits, cut budgets for veterans, education, and even education that talks about birth control, yet do nothing to change the legality of abortion.


It's a wedge non-issue blown out of proportion by religious nutjobs.


If Democrats kill more babies, Satan will grant them more power


fewer blacks become voters since so many are aborted


Just another example of Obama’s crazy idea, the fact is obama is mortally afraid of fetuses.


If Democrats kill more babies, Satan will grant them more power.



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