How do i get my sister to have an abortion ?

How do i get my sister to have an abortion ?

How do i get my sister to have an abortion ?


Don't get an Abortion, let life into the world. Make her at least stop the party mode. Then she can choose if she wants to take care of the baby, or put it up for adoption. Just don't kill the poor little baby cause its going to be a person.


I completely understand you and if she doesn't wanna give it up for adoption or give in to an abortion there is almost nothing you can do :/ If you get involved and try and make her take something so she will have a miscarriage she may be a crappy mother but she can still accuse you with the police and then you would get in serious trouble so think about what you do before you do it The best thing you can do is become involved as much as you can and care for this child since its likely she won't. What you could also do if your up for it is report her to child services and then adopt them! My boyfriend did this with his sister and her 3 kids and now the kids are wayy better off and happy :)


I would just be like, "Why do you want to give your kids the life you have. If you say you hate your life all the time, why would you welcome another life into the world with the "crappy" life you say you have. Think of the baby... Wouldn't you rather have your children have a happy childhood and young adulthood than having parents who have no job, no money? What about when they want to play sports, or cheerlead or dance when they are older? They won't be able to do it because YOU decided to give them this crappy lifestyle just because you didn't want to make your life better. Remember, if the mom has a good life, the baby will have a good life too" I'm a 15 year old girl, and I wouldn't DARE get pregnant until I'm married. My parents would legitimately DISOWN me. They think, no, they KNOW education is key and they would walk me to the abortion centre if I got pregnant before I finished Uni. Just saying. So Clearly, I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm smarter than most girls out there who sleep around. Anyways, hope I helped. :)


Okay you know what, you need to stop! That is not your body, that is not your life, you are not in the same shoes as her, so stop it. Just because her decissions might not meet your standards does not mean you can tell her what to do! So what she had a child young? She stopped drugs during her pregnancy and 'pills' she's on now (do you even know what pills? Do you know maybe if a dr prescribed them?) no because you stated you don't know. So don't assume she's doing drugs. You can not force someone to abort their child. You need to draw a line. Can you imagine how horrible your making her feel? Why would you do that to your own sister? Do you know what it's like when someone tells you to abort your child? Tells you that you can't do it? Do you? Obviously you don't because if you did you wouldn't do this to her. So my advice? Stay out if it. Keep your opinion to yourself! Put a fake smile on your face and wish her the best. Nothing nice to say? Don't say anything at all.


Okay, no one should get an abortion, It's wrong and your killing a child that has to come into the world. She can give it up for adoption where someone else could take care of it. Instead of murdering something that they made. Why not give it to someone who wants it and cant have children?


if she is not ok with abortion try to put the baby up for adoption. at least she will b abale to stay in touch with the baby at times.


tell her to put the baby up for adoption. it would give it a much better life than it would have with her, no offense.....





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