How do i ask gynecologist if they perform abortions?

How do i ask gynecologist if they perform abortions?

How do i ask gynecologist if they perform abortions?


Be aware that everything you ask your personal physican will go on your permanant medical record. You insurance company later in life will have access to those records. There are other instances where other's might have access to them. Your regular gynecologist probably does not do abortions. You might be better off to find a clinic by doing an online search or by looking in the Yellow Pages of your phone book. You may have to go to a larger town if you are in a rural area. Good luck with finding a solution.


A gynecologist probably will not...not that they can't, it's just not what they normally use their daily hours for and they many not even have the set up for it. Go to Planned Parenthood or to your local Department of Health. They are very understanding and nonjudgmental. Beware of yellow pages listings under abortion...they are often pro life groups trying to trap you and convince you to not do it with horrible scare tactics.


you can ask, but most OB/GYNs dont perform them in their office. the best place to go for this type of service is to a clinic that performs abortions. you can look up on google by typing in the name of your city and then 'abortion clinic' and this will refer you to some clinics. be prepared for what you are getting into - when you make the appt, you will also be screened by a counselor to make sure you understand all of the consequences, not only the physical ones but also the mental and emotional ones. some women have a very tough time after an abortion coming to grips mentally and emotionally with what has happened. some women, years down the line, may harbor many regrets for having an abortion, especially if they have trouble conceiving when they are ready to finally conceive (difficulty with conception in the future is one of the physical side effects of abortion). you want to make sure that you think this through VERY CAREFULLY before you go through with it, and think about the mental and emotional ramifications of your decision.


Ask the nurse, receptionist, or gynecologist, to receommend a place for you to have an abortion. The best place to call for an abortion is: Planned Parenthood in your city. (Dial 411 for the Planned Parenthood the telephone number in your city.) Best of luck. You will be okay.


Hi there, There's a great database you can search for abortion clinics, private physicians who perform abortions, hospitals performing abortions, etc. Have a look: These sites may also help you: (scroll down) You can also call the National Abortion Federation at 800-772-9100, it's a toll-free hotline to find an abortion provider or ask abortion-related questions. I hope this helps! Good luck.


Find a Planned Parenthood. Just as a precaution, I should warn you to watch out for fake abortion clinics created by doctors against abortion.


You need to be straight up about it be blunt just the way you'd ask any other questions. If they don't perform them than they'll give you references/referrals to someone who does. My advice to you or whoever your searching this info for is use condoms or some type of birth control abortion is not a birth control it's murdering a baby who did not ask to be conceived.


You need to find a Planned Parenthood. I don't know what the laws are in each state, but I do know that some states require parental consent if you're under a certain age (as backwards-*ss as that is!)


When i had mine I had to go to a clinic, but the doctor did it wrong and my OBGYN did it again in the hodpital. Ask an OBGYN or look online for abortion clinic



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