How come the number of abortions is growing?

How come the number of abortions is growing?

How come the number of abortions is growing?


Simply because abortion did not really exist 40 or 50 years ago. In the 1950s abortion simply wasn't an option so that is why there are not many recorded cases, it didn't really become an option until the 60s or early 70s before that if you became pregnant, be it by accident or through rape you had your baby and were then shipped off to an institution or "mother and baby" home where the baby was then taken from you at 6 weeks of age. There are no exact figures for this. These days women have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, not in every country though, abortion is still illegal in Ireland where I live and about 5000 women a year pay to travel to the UK for an abortion. These are not all young girls who "forget" their pill, some are hard working women with 3 kids whose contraception fails and they can't afford to raise another baby (the pill doesn't work very well if you take antibiotics or are sick or have diarrhoea - people forget this) For every woman who falls pregnant by mistake there is a man who didn't wear a condom or use it properly, don't forget that, its easy to blame the woman but it takes sperm to make a woman pregnant. Not many women would choose an unplanned pregnancy, its very hard emotionally and physically. If men had to give birth there would be free "plan B" dispensing machines in every pub/bar in the land. I find it amazing that a man who has never and will never give birth can be so opinionated on this matter


It's because of many things, mainly because fity years ago it was much less acceptable for an umarried person to have sex, and even if they did they probably would have been very very careful not to get pregnant as that was equally socially unacceptable. Over time teen sex and pregnancy outside marriage has become much more socially acceptable, which means that people have become less cautious about using birth control. Also the increased availability and acceptability of having an abortion means that more people are likely to take that option. Also with it becoming more common for women to work in high flying jobs, many of these career women who become pregnant then have an abortion because they know that having a child would harm their career. Also more women get drunk regularly these days, which probably means that there is more drunken sex happening. Also many women who do have unprotected sex worry about being pregnant but don't do anything because thay think that instead of spending money on the MAP or going to the doctors, well I can always get an abortion can't I? I believe that there has also been a distinct increase over the years in the number of people who get more than one abortion. I don't think that many women get pregnant because they want a baby but change their minds, I just think that people are a lot less cautious about becoming pregnant and that sex and pregnancy isn't so much of a taboo any more.


I agree totally with Rhianna, many of the current appalling number of abortions are in the very young. Answers has proved an education to me too in helping me to realise that the sex education provided at great expense in this country appears to totally fail to make any impression on the young girls (and boys) that it is aimed at. I have to say this must indicate a poor curriculum and poor presentation by teachers who I suspect have never been taught how to introduce the subject to their target audience in an interesting and useful way. GPs and even Family Planning doctors also seem to be failing to give either good information or clear and understandable instructions to vulnerable youngsters. I fear many of them consider a 'pill' consultation easy and routine and fail to put even minimum effort into their explanations. Personally I really did see the consultations as both important and potentially life changing. There is also a problem with society, yes we are part of the animal kingdom and have animal desires, but we pretend that we have progressed beyond this. Love and sex are wonderful things, but the sexualisation of minors is something we must try and resist and reduce. We need to make it clear that underage sex is still a taboo and educate at the level that means if it does occur contraception is always sought first.


Because some people don't want to be responsible and take the pill or use a condom and they think that abortion is an acceptable form of birth control.


Do you realize how hard it is for some chick like me (a going to be sophomore in high school) to get a hold of a pill or a condom? I can't go into a drugstore without some one going back to my mother or father. Some drugstores go against the law and flat out *don't* give it to anyone who looks under 18. The abortion rate is going up do to Roe v. Wade which made abortions legal. The reason that there are more reported cases these times is because they aren't back ally abortions. (I.e. Illegal abortions preformed on the sneak) I think abortions are good things, they give people a second chance.


the reason is that people are sleeping around alot more, having unprotected sex like teenagers being irresponceable and beyond stupid in my honest opinion not caring about till they get prego thinking that having an abortion is acceptable birth control. another reason is that even if they did use protection, there is still a chance that the birth control and condom fail. There are ocassions where they get prego while in a relationship, she get prego and he is a jerk and leave. the woman has an abortion because of this.


Agreed with Kiley. So many teenagers are having unprotected sex, then get abortions to make it easier for them. They can't handle the responsibilities that come from sex. Im a teen and i would never have an abortion. Sad to say, 2 of my good friends have .


Yikes. Gotta be careful on this one. There is absolutly no reliable data on abortions in the 1950's or many other decades for that matter as many of them were not completed in medical facilities. At home abortions were not uncommon in decades past. Also, in most states, abortions have declined since the 1990's. As far as saying "all women have to do is take a pill," hormonal methods of contraception are simply out of reach for many women, particularly those who are uninsured and under-educated. There are is a whole myriad of reasons why unplanned pregnancies occur, lets not forget the male partners role here. Is he not just as much to blame?! Okay, I've heard a million sob stories about, "she said she couldn't get pregnant..." take some initiative and make sure she doesn't get pregnant. It kills me how many men believe this, especially when its coming from women they hardly know. Condoms are a tenth the cost (or more) of hormonal methods and do not require a prescription and costly doctor visits to aquire them. If you are speking in terms of this year compared to last...lets take a look at the economy, many people who may have been able to afford expensive methods of birth control may no longer have the ability to afford it, or perhaps they would have had the child before, but now, realize that they cannot afford to give the life to a child that they surely deserve. I'm not on either side of abortion here, I'm just saying that it is irresponsible to look at this from one view point. In regards to the woman below, speak about what you know. Clearly this is NOTHING of the health care system here. Free condoms at every univeristy, perhaps, though I attended a university of 46,000 and was never once told of such condoms. Lets think about the majoriety of young women here for who college is out of the question. These girls are just struggling to get through high school, you think their parents have the $60,000 to pay for higher education??Think again. How about them seeing their "GP"? Many of these young women do not have the luxury to see a doctor once every 5 years, let alone have a general doctor. Ok, lets talk county health departments. I work for one. How do these kids get there?? Ask their parents to drive them? Even if they have a car, this is not likely. We simply do not have the public transportation they do in european nations. Cannot depend on the school systems. It is against the law in Michigan, and the majoriety of US States to distribute contraceptives on school property. I think it is absurd to speak of what you do not know. nations that offer healthcare to their citizens make me hopeful, but at this point that is not a reality here.


Because there are teenage girls that have sex and aren't on birth control that get pregnant and then get abortions cause they're still in high school.



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