How can you justify making all abortion illegal..?

How can you justify making all abortion illegal..?

How can you justify making all abortion illegal..?


The raped woman may be traumatised and suffering in dire mental health by the experience. Having to give birth to her raping father's child may be pushing the daughter over the edge. Just saying abortion is bad is dumb and simplistic. The world is far more nasty.


I can't. That's why I'm pro-choice. EDIT: @Greshnab: "only if you don't believe a fetus is a person can you justify an abortion." I care little about fetal personhood or lack thereof. Even if i believed an embryo or a fetus was a person, I would still support abortion rights- my pro-choice stance is not based on "it's not a person"- it's based on my belief that women have a right to privacy, bodily autonomy, and access to safe, legal reproductive healthcare.


You just have to think that you're murdering somebody. Your own child. And to me, that's way worse than the "hardships of pregnancy" or "the trauma of being raped". It is sick, and unnessecary. If that were you, wouldn't you want a chance at life? Think before you decide your opinions, because often times, you don't understand them.


yeah you guys, the person above me is totally right. Also, if it's an etopic pregnancy then clearly it must be god's plan for the woman in question to have her innards painfully ripped apart.


Ah... it's like killing a baby maybe? Killing people is quite repulsive to a lot of people. P.S. If the mom who doesn't want the baby needs support, we should help her, and there are thousands of couples that would treasure her child if she could give birth to her baby and be able to give it to them....


that is pretty simple.. you consider it murder... there is no way someone that considers abortion murder can condone it under any circumstance. only if you don't believe a fetus is a person can you justify an abortion.



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