How can people justify abortion?

How can people justify abortion?

How can people justify abortion?


This is a good question, and a difficult question to answer, not because there is only ONE answer, but because it is one of the most profound questions that we have- i.e. what is the VALUE that we should place on life, on our own human life? Likewise, how do we justify war, slavery and brutality- how do we justify experimenting on prisoners- how do we justify honor killing or deaths from medical accidents, how do we justify dropping atomic bombs on innocent civilians. Abortion, at least in the first two trimesters, is NOT the killing of a baby- it's the killing of a fetus, a baby-to-be. BUT, it is ALSO the excising of part of the woman incubating it. It is HER body that is making this fetus a living thing. God gave this right and ability to women, NOT to men, and my thinking is that THEY should have the say-so on whether to continue to let this fetus develop or not, at LEAST during the first two trimesters. There is another question here that raises even more concern- millions of children die every year from disease and starvation, millions. Is it moral to just keep adding more and more to this total because 'culling the herd' is so revolting. It is easy to say that abortion is so wrong that it should never be allowed at all, but it is JUST as easy to ignore the children that ARE born only to die miserably after lives of incredible suffering. You decide.


its easy if you don't believe in the fictional beliefs of people that believe in invisible man in the sky. An abortion usually consists of extracting a clump of cells prior to 6 weeks of development. This is what the majority of abortions are. It has no aftermath except the social stigma that conservatives place on them, making women that made the choice feel guilty and miserable about it, to impose their faith-based beliefs on everyone. using a tool to smash the baby's skull is an intact dilation and extraction. It is only used in emergency cases and when a fetus is found to have extreme hydrocephalus, a conditon that isn't found until late in the pregnancy, resulting in it being useless to carry to term anyway. This kind of abortion is very rare thanks to abortion being legal. Before it was legal, abortions were performed by back alley abortionist clear up til birth. Today, no medical organization that offers abortions will offer elective abortions past the 20th week. Most of them the cut-off is 16 weeks, unless an exceptional situaiton occurs. and again, later term abortions (past 12 weeks) makes a tiny fraction of the amount of abortions that occur. Your pr0-life videos portray the intact dilation and extractions of babies with extreme hydrocephalus, where carrying the baby is doing nothing but the mother acting like a life support system until the child is born. still birth or dying during labor would seem to have much worse emotional scarring than going ahead with being sedated and having it removed.


How can people justify letting babies go hungry or be forced to go to foster home to foster home because their parents cannot afford them? How can people justify a baby being born addicted to drugs, and live just a few short painful hours and then die? How can people justify forcing a woman to have a baby she cannot afford but then turn their back on that baby once it is born. Sorry, but I would rather a woman have an abortion before the fetus can feel anything than have that child be born and suffer.


abortion is a terrible thing... but we shouldn't just stick our heads in the sand and pretend that making it illegal will solve the problem. we need to start with education, and provision of affordable contraceptives. to prevent the unwanted pregnancies in the first place. without doing that all you do is shift the demand towards people who would be willing to do the procedure anyways, it's similar to the "war on drugs" all you do is promote criminality. also its easy to make people disgusted at anything if your able to pick exactly what things to reveal and what things not to reveal. for example, how old was the fetus in the video? was that even disclosed?


It does not need to be 'justified' in order for the state to stay out of the private lives of families that need to do what is best for them. Quite simply a 1st trimester fetus is not a person and does not have the right of a person. This is a matter of law. That your conscious sees it differently is not a right to impose your will on others. You are free to choose not to have an abortion for your own reasons. You are free to advocate that others should not. But you are not free to demand that they justify their decision to you and then if you are not satisfied with the justification punish them with rule of law.


But a four year old knows it exists, and can exist outside the mothers body. Without religion there is not a reason to value an embryo over the existing woman, the embryo has potential, the woman has presence. You speak of a bestowal of 'rights'. but rights are given by others and can be changed by laws. I have a right to decide if I wish to carry a pregnancy to term without interference by others. They remove that right and claim the embryo has a greater right. I disagree. A woman can die in childbirth at all times and for any reason it should be her right to decide if she wants to run the risk. And before you tell me about not having sex, you should know that this includes married women who simply have a birth control failure and responsibly don't want more children than they can care for.


A fetus is not a child, same thing for an embryo. I don't like abortion, but it is a woman's right to keep or abort a pregnancy.


Since when does a woman have to "justify" anything to YOU? It's none of your business what she does with her body. Until the fetus is able to live outside womb, it's part of her body. If she decides, for whatever reason (that that reason is none of your business) to abort that fetus, it's her right to do so.


It's easy. If you can't afford another child or you are unmarried and unable to provide a stable home for it, get an abortion.



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