How can I induce a miscarriage?

How can I induce a miscarriage?

How can I induce a miscarriage?


If you very that strongly about not having the baby than get an abortion. Don't go out and hurt yourself trying to have a miscarriage. Plus what ever you do may not make you have a miscarriage so you would have put yourself in harms way for no reason.


My sister-in-law was raped at 15 and decided to keep the baby. About 16 years later she is married and has other children. She said keeping her daughter was the best choice that she has ever made. Even though the choice was tough for a 15 year girl to make. She says that her daughter has brought her so much joy over the past 16 years and she wouldn't change the fact that she was raped for anything. If you do not want the child, adoption is a wonderful thing. Two of my cousins were adopted and they have brought so much joy to our family. Instead of ending the life of another person, go through with the pregnancy and when the child is born and you do not want it look into adoption and bless another family who does want the child. However you may find that like my sister-in-law that you love your child and keeping was the best decision you ever made.


Council your doctor, this is not your fault and you should not pay the consequences for this. There are many abortion clinics, google them using an actual computer (not ipad, ...). Make an appointment, you should not have this kind of embryo inside you if you don't want to. Abortion isn't wrong, it is wrong to not do it when you want to, people for over 100 years have had abortions but only lately (due to legalization) there are safe methods.


You can't force or induce a miscarriage. Miscarriages are the result of a defective egg, sperm or combination of both.


There is no way to induce a miscarriage. Anything you read online is more likely to harm you -- your body will do everything it can to protect the fetus.



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