How can i get a secret abortion?

How can i get a secret abortion?

How can i get a secret abortion?


Well for one thing. I am sorry of your rape, you should seek counseling. Since your sixteen you will need a parental or guardian most of the time.or court approval in order for you to get it done without parental concent. But you could try going to the abortion clinic and see what they say. I hope you do whatever is best for you. If it helps I know a girl who is a foster child and got raped and ended up pregnant, she went for an open adoption because she couldnt afford it.I thought she was brave for that. Make an informed decision. Whatever you do you can't take back. There is no easy road out of this one. So make sure you know this is the best thing. Remember there is always a way. Always hope in the darkness. Best of luck! and God Bless. Seek someone, this won't be easy and you will need support. you can't do this alone. no judgement here. Just don't do anything drastic like fall down the stairs the last thing you need is broken limbs. I hope you get what you need! Your in my prayers.


if you were raped and taken to the hospital by police then they should have given you a pill that kills the sperm that entered your body as well as any fertilized egg. If they did not do this then you need a court approval in order for you to get it done without parental concent


Go to the clinic that does abortions. They can arrange for you to go to court to get court approval. At the same time, they can arrange counseling.


Louisiana •Requires parental consent - one parent. •Allows minor to bypass parent’s consent by obtaining a court approval.


I honestly hope nobody here has the nerve to judge you in your situation, but my opinion is, You shouldnt be going through this alone. I hope you have one close person that you trust enough to help you through this. Best of luck to you.


Go to the abortion clinic. Or fall down the stairs numerous times.


How about being a woman and carrying the baby. Get set up with a nice rich ouple, they will pay for everything and even pay you for the baby. There are homes that you can stay at. ask the school nurse. Please dont kill your baby


sorry i hope u get the help that you need.



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