How can atheist support abortion?

How can atheist support abortion?

How can atheist support abortion?


Atheists have a variety of opinions on this issue. Personally, my thoughts are as follows: a fertilized egg is not a baby. A zygote with 16 or 32 or 64 cells total is not a baby. A zygote with 300 brain cells (about the number of brain cells a round worm has) is not a baby. We people are the activity of our brains. Without a human brain (or the equivalent) you cannot be a person. A baby qualifies as a person. A fetus 1-hr before being born is essentially a baby. There's a lot of gray area in between. UPDATE: You write: "How come no empathy for the baby/Fetus?" I DO have empathy, which is why I say that a fetus 1-hr prior to delivery is essentially a baby, and I'm sure can feel pain etc. like any newborn can. However, I do not have much empathy for a zygote with just 300 brain cells: that is no more a person than is a round worm. Does it have potential to become a person? Sure, but it's not there yet. The potential doesn't count for anything with me though. Thus killing a round worm is just as tragic, UNLESS, the mother (and father) want the baby and you take it from them by killing it against their will. Killing that potential is a crime against them more than the roundworm level organism killed. As the zygote/fetus goes through various stages of development the situation becomes more and more complicated. At some point it has the brain equivalent of a lizard, a mouse, a kitten, a chimp, etc. I think the only fair way to do it is to let science find the truth of the matter and present the results clearly to the population: at what stage is the zygote/fetus equivalent to each of those things I mention: round worm, lizard, etc. With clear information the electorate, politicians, and judicial branches of government can make informed decisions and laws. Also, being a man, I'm 100% fine with bowing out of this decision making process and letting this be something that only women decide.


One thing you must understand that any good human being will not "SUPPORT" abortion just for the sake of it. I support a CHOICE. Because you are responsible for taking care of the baby, feeding them, and making sure they are well, alive, gets educated and can survive. If you don't have the mean to support a child and you know early enough, then abortion is not a bad choice at that time. Now, everyone should be educated enough and take all proactive measures so that it doesn't come to abortion, such as birth control and other contraceptives. Abortion should never be first choice unless a rape case is involved.


Interesting you bring up the exception of rape or risk of mother dying. I asked a similar question to Christians. They believe it's better the child be born an orphan and the mother die than abort. Atheists don't really share anything in common aside from an agreement on disbelief in gods. Some atheists support a woman's right to choose abortion just as others oppose it.


I am not for abortions, I am for the woman's right to decide for herself up to a certain point. Think about how many people wished they were never born. Existence isn't all it's cracked up to be. I prefer avoiding unwanted pregnancies and I sympathize with any woman deciding to have an abortion, but it should be their business, not ours as long as they do it in a timely manner. No aborting teenagers.


How can atheist support abortion? You are literally taking the only existence this thing will ever have. --- By your same logic, I should have sex with and impregnate every woman who'll let me. In fact, not only should I do this.....Morally, I HAVE to. Because you are claiming that I have a moral obligation to bring forth any and all potential existence into actual existence. After all, if I don't impregnate the woman in the office next to mine, then that specific potential human will be denied it's only shot at existence! And I have two kidneys, but I can live with one. Do I have to donate the other to not rob a dying man of his continued existence? What about my eyes? I can live just fine without two. Oh, and what about my money? Do I have to give that to the poor? Whenever I fail to feed those who starve to death, I am taking away their existence. So, must I give away my money? If so, how much before this obligation is met? And does this moral obligation to bring potentiality into actuality extend to everything? Do I have to paint every painting that I could possibly paint? Write every poem I could possibly write? An actual poem and an actual painting exist just as much as a actual do I have to do that?


How can atheist support abortion? Asks the man with no uterus. A man that wouldn't have to endure all that goes with being pregnant. Leave it to a man to not support something he won't ever have to go through. You're a male. I see no reason for you to even be asking this.


I am not happy that abortion happens but it does. I believe that the best way to fight abortion is to not illegalize it. Instead teach proper sex education. Sex Ed that includes the use of birth control and alternative forms of sex that have no risk of pregnancy. One that does not try to demonize sex or pass it off as something only married couples do. Treat it as a more natural thing.


I don't so much support abortion as I support minding my own damned business. Someone else's choice to have an abortion, or not, is none of my damned business - or yours, either. Why did I have to tell you that?


Because it's nobodies choice but the family and the mothers. Not a damn Bible, not a religion, not a church. Nobody but them. So if they choose for an abortion, so be it. It's not like you're having it.


Why should I have empathy for something that has no brain and can't feel pain, but not a sentient adult who doesn't want to be used by the state (or anyone) as an incubator. Your assumptions are screwed up.



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