How can a man be "pro-life" (anti-choice)?

How can a man be "pro-life" (anti-choice)?

How can a man be "pro-life" (anti-choice)?


Because men are human and we are just as concerned with life as women are, at least some of us. I love my wife and daughters very much, and just because I'm a male does not make me insensitive and uncaring. Why do you suppose it's such a heart-wrenching decision anyway? I feel for anyone who has to go through this situation, but morality and rightness is not a matter of convenience, and sometimes people have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It's not a word we like to use (unless we're pinning blame on someone else), but it's called "responsibility". I also think there are situations where abortion may be the only alternative, like when the mother's life is in danger. It's not as black and white an issue as many try to make it. And please quit equating pro-life with anti-choice (the opposite of pro-choice) or I'll start calling those who are pro-choice pro-death instead (the opposite of pro-life). Do you not want to call it "pro-abortion" because, like our new president Obama, you agree that nobody is really "pro-abortion"? Why not? Because in 90+% of the cases it's a despicable, murderous way to try to cover up a horrible mistake by taking an innocent human life.


Are you claiming a man can't have morals? He doesn't have the brains to know it's wrong to murder babies? Where do you get your stats from? Not that it matters, it's a sexist remark whether or not it's true. Why should a woman be allowed to kill anyone? If she doesn't want to deliver a baby, abortion will not prevent that experience. If you are pregnant you will deliver a baby - alive or dead. Abortion does not prevent a birth, it (temporarily) prevents the mother from having to face the consequences and responsibility of her own actions. No pride in that.


Okay, before you make any assumptions about me, let me say that I am not a Christian, and I am not exactly pro life (caught somewhere in the middle). By your logic, if I ever have a kid, I should never take any part in raising it. I shouldn't work to support the child. I shouldn't take it to school. I shouldn't give it a place to live. Nothing like that. I should just let the mother take care of all of that, because as you said, it's ALL about the mother. Bullcrap! It takes two to make a baby.


Well, when I was 22 and in my last year of college, my gf got pregnant and we had a decision to make obviously...but we made the right one. My son is now an awesome 28 year old with a Master's Degree and his own business. He has done overseas mission 4 years of his life in China, India, Peru and Honduras, to poor people. (he assembled and deilivered 500 wheelchairs in China to handicapped people who do not have them). His life has made a significant difference... but that isn't even the point. A question like yours could not be more oversimplified or narrow-minded. So, obviously, no men value life or should be involved in the protection of it... because they are men they are disqualified? Is that right? We just can understand or be responsible? We don't love our kids? NO choice against life is ever good... to think otherwise is murderous deception. There is a purpose for every life, and no person is so greater than any other that they can say this life will not have value and should not be. We do not have that authority... yet people exercise it in deception regularly. Men, women, those who love and value human life should defend it with all of the heart... against the taking of it by the ones who should most be protecting it and loving children.


Will the whole pro-life means you have to give every child a chance to live, rather than taking it's life away (abortion). Pro-choice is more like you choose the babies life-live or die. So if you decided to be pro-live then you are anti-choice, if that makes sense. And yes it is kind of annoying that 77% of men are anti-abortion. That's because they don't have to deal with pregnancy's as women do. If Men could get pregnant, im sure the percentages of anti-abortion leaders would greatly differ.


B/c you are still murdering innocent children. If you don't want to deal with the "heart wrenching decision" then don't whore around. It would be a little more understandable if something terrible happened. ex: you were raped by your father and the baby was going to be mentally retarded (and whatever other disorders and diseases come along with that package) and have to live with that it's whole life. And the shame of telling your family you got pregnant by the perv that that 'loving papa' is. Other than that.... And I mean I know it's wrong that guys can be whores and girls can't (well they CAN but with pregnancy...) but oh well.... I don't want to be a whore anyways.... BTW I don't have a prob with mentally retarded peolpe! It kind of sounds like it at the top!


Being pro-choice myself, I actually can understand how a man could be "pro-life." When it comes down to a question of morals and ethics, a person's gender has no bearing on what he, in his heart, feels is right and wrong. Same goes for women. I can also understand the anguish a man must feel if the mother of his fetus decides to abort while he truly wants to have the child. That being said though, I'm pro-choice though I know in my heart that I myself would not have an abortion. That's my personal choice and it's what's right for me, though I also believe that my choice to not have an abortion is not going to be right for everybody.


Because the jezebel approved of such things as burning babies through the fire of the 'sulfuric' acids to be more prosperous so that one could perform even more evil encounters for 'fertility' 'gods' of sowing to lustful desires of the inner person. Her false prophets who believed and practiced these abominable things eventually began to persecute the true Prophets and People of God. Thus, they had famine and war and plague and weather patterns that they did not want.


ok, i am pro life. Are you pro death? Do people who kill other people say,,,,, oh my god, that was a heart wrenching decision? It is not being anti choice, it is just doing the right thing, and killing a baby is not right! Legally, you shoot and kill a pregnant woman, it is double murder! but if a woman aborts her child , it is a choice? no, it is still murder.


Are you serious? The fact that men care about the unborn is important to me. Man-gina, isn't that cute? I care when men bring children into the world and won't take care of them. I care when I see a loving father and his devotion to his children. Most abortions today are done for convenience not because of rape and incest. To kill your own flesh and blood because having a baby will mess up your life is the most selfish and irresponsible action I can imagine. For a man, especially a politician, to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves is a big person. Yo know how unpopular that makes them to liberals. No you don't get it!



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