How are some ways you can terminate an early pregnancy?

How are some ways you can terminate an early pregnancy?

How are some ways you can terminate an early pregnancy?


IF she is already pregnant, the only way to "terminate" the pregnancy without KILLING the baby, is to wait it out for 9 months and give it up for adoption. Not even Plan B will work if the egg has already been "fertilized." Sorry man! Looks like you little kids need to keep it in your pants unless you want to be parents!


Well first find out if she is pregnant or not. If she is, she should go to the doctor and get checked out. If you want to have an abortion that is something you will need to talk to your gf about. Don't pressure her into it, if she wants to keep the baby. also. don't even think about trying to terminate the baby on your own. Its stupid, irresponsible, and selfish. You could seriously hurt your gf if you try anything on her to kill the baby. don't do it.


ONE week into it? Then there's no way she can know she is pregnant. The earliest women can know if they are pregnant is three weeks,and that is by getting a blood test done from her doctor. BTW,no matter how early you "terminate" a pregnancy,if It's done voluntary,it's still considered abortion,no matter how you candy-coat it.


One week into pregnancy? Unlikely that she could already know that. If she is, anything that you could do that does not involve a medical procedure would be dangerous and irresponsible. Tell her to wait a few weeks and take a pregnancy test. If she is indeed pregnant, make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your options. Please don't do something stupid.


first of all you shouldnt be having unprotected or pretected sex if you cant deal with the responsibilities of your actions. if she is pregnant killing her child isnt going to make things better . it will emotionally scar her for life. first she needs to find out if she is pregnant and then deal with the situation in a mature manner


She should stand in front of a semi truck.


" i am trying to avoid an abortion so can you please help her and i" Right............ "some ways to terminate the pregnancy" = ABORTION idiot.........


She could throw herself down a flight of stairs.





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