How are late term abortions performed?

How are late term abortions performed?

How are late term abortions performed?


Dilation and Evacuation (D&E): between 13 to 24 weeks after LMP This surgical abortion is done during the second trimester of pregnancy. At this point in pregnancy, the fetus is too large to be broken up by suction alone and will not pass through the suction tubing. In this procedure, the cervix must be opened wider than in a first trimester abortion. This is done by inserting numerous thin rods made of seaweed a day or two before the abortion. Once the cervix is stretched open the doctor pulls out the fetal parts with forceps. The fetus' skull is crushed to ease removal. A sharp tool (called a curette) is also used to scrape out the contents of the uterus, removing any remaining tissue. Dilation and Extraction (D&X) (partial-birth abortion): from 20 weeks after LMP to full-term This procedure takes three days. During the first two days, the cervix is stretched open using thin rods made of seaweed, and medication is given for pain. On the third day, the abortion doctor uses ultrasound to locate the legs of the fetus. Grasping a leg with forceps, the doctor delivers the fetus up to the head. Next, scissors are inserted into the base of the skull to create an opening. A suction catheter is placed into the opening to remove the brain. The skull collapses and the fetus is removed.


Abortions can be performed at ANY time during the pregnancy. If you live in a country where abortion is legalized (like Canada), they typical non-emergent rate for an abortion is up to 16 weeks. Now for special case abortions, like the one that your sister had available to her can be performed at any time during the pregnancy. My mother is a Registered Nurse who worked in northern Canada for over 25 years, and has had to perform many emergency abortions on women whose babies died in the whom, would be severely handicapped, etc. There is no time limit for a medical-directed abortion and are often done in the case of an emergency or extreme deformation. I remember her telling me a story of an abortion she had to perform at 8 months. So, in other words, it all depends. If you are getting an abortion on your own choice, you have a time limit of 16 weeks. If it is a medical emergency, or at the direction of a doctor or RN, you have any time for the abortion to be completed - at your discretion of course. Many people believe that abortions are performed very violently - for instance, ripping the fetus out and stabbing the fetus in the brain. These are common misconceptions that many people make.


I'm not 100% sure but when my older sister and mom were talking about how bad that was i asked and my mother told me that they will crack the babies skull open so he or she dies then take him or her out. It is a bad thing. And tell your sister she will e ok expect the baby to have down syndrome and if he or she does she will be prepared if not then everything will still be ok. My sister was told the same thing and she just had her baby the 14th with nothing bad. Abortions are a mean thing in greedy cases.


I'm not sure where in Canada that Jayne's mother was working, but as a fellow Canadian nurse I can say that RNs are NOT allowed to perform abortions. That is strictly a procedure for physicians and always has been. As for the gestation age limit for abortion clinics, in Alberta it is 19 weeks.


You can google legitimate sites to learn about abortion methods. But late term abortions are VERY rare, and only done for the most dire of medical reasons. (Usually a fetus with major birth defects.)



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