How dose abortion effect our society? in a negative way (non biblical)?

How dose abortion effect our society? in a negative way (non biblical)?

How dose abortion effect our society? in a negative way (non biblical)?


Our Founding Fathers wanted "separation of Church & State", our government & Supreme Court have decided that a pregnant woman has a right to choose and that the unborn is not viable until 24 weeks or later, of which 99.7% of all Abortions are performed prior to. Our government will not give an unborn a birth certificate, a social security number, a tax write off for being a dependent, or allow the parents to officially name it - WHY? Because its not a person yet … If the pregnant mom is in an accident and the baby dies, WHy is there never a funeral ? Its not a person yet … No government, no state, no church and no person should have the ability to take away a woman's freedom to make a choice, and force their religious belief on a woman to have an unwanted baby, which forces her and/or the father to support it for the next 20 years, or worse for the taxpayers to support it for the next 20 years… Our own government does NOT recognize an unborn as a person, how can this be murder? I have no problem with whoever having the freedom to feel Abortion is murder due to their religious belief but our government started with separation of church and state so forcing women to have unwanted babies because of their religious beliefs is against our Constitution !!!


That's not much of a research paper if you're trying to answer a biased question with no facts to back it up. A research paper means you need objective definitions and defining precisely why it is a problem and for whom it is a problem. If you're writing a simplistic argumentative paper, I'm sure your pro life rhetoric would be fine, as long as you consider that your opinion is not truth or fact and that other viewpoints on the issue exist, which might be difficult for someone like you.


It doesn't, tell me would you be effected if I had an abortion tomorrow? Would you even know? It is a private choice and of no concern to anyone other then the pregnant woman and her doctor (and of course those she chooses to include) Federal funds don't even go to abortions due to the Hyde amendment except in rare cases where Medicaid will cover it if the woman's life is at risk due to the pregnancy. None of us has a right to infringe on the bodily integrity and autonomy of another person, no one is forced to donate organs or donate blood and a fetus should not be granted that special right at the expense of the woman's autonomy, that is unethical. And when we start granting the right that one human being has rights over another's body, for any reason, that us when harm to our society will be done.


The unborn human baby has a beating heart and therefore is living. By law, is it considered murder? No. By good will and decency is it considered murder? Yes, absolutely. Plus, when we make a mistake, I believe that we should pay that mistake, not have another small and helpless human pay it for us. Why should the fetus have to pay the price for your irresponsible and silly mistake. If I were to commit a felony, and you were the one that went to jail for it, would that be justified? No, and it is the same concept as abortion. Killing an unborn human child would not affect me. But killing a homeless man on the street wouldn't affect me either. It doesn't mean that it is the right thing to do. Adding: In response to "Yoda", your liberal friends will never tell you this, but 94% of abortions are done for social reasons, meaning the woman simply doesn't want the child. If you're raped, I don't think you should have to pay the price for that, but only 2% of abortions are done because of rape. And your eyeballs aren't going to fall out of your sockets because you haven't had sex in 6 months, at least be responsible.


Um, oh gosh...a negative probably mean factual, not just my opinion.Hmmmmmmmmmm, uhhhh. hmmpphh yeah, the word abortion does not appear in the Bible, so that doesn't apply here...hmmm.


Women that have sex should learn cause and effect. You bang 12 guys, you might get pregnant. Nowadays it's like, you get pregnant, OH WELL! Easy fix! We can just rip your child to shreds with forceps! Oh and did I mention the two for one combo?


I find it alright to kill fetuses, the only problem I can find is the way they discard the fetus. It is just thrown in the garbage, when really it should turned into fertilizer or sent to Africa to feed starving children.


A society in which there is a confederacy who find no wrong in the murder of their own young cannot call itself "civilized".


There is no excuse for a woman to get an elective abortion. If she didn't want a baby, she could have kept her legs together. Elective abortion is the result of irresponsible behavior. The ultimate question of abortion is, when does human life begin. Pro-choicers refuse to recognize human life until it is proven beyond a doubt. A decent person would want to avoid taking a human life, so a decent person would want to avoid abortion if there is any uncertainty about the existence of human life. A pro choicer wants to claim the right to abortion if there is any uncertainty about the existence of human life. The heartbeat of a human embryo can be heard on an ultrasound monitor within 4 weeks after conception. To a decent person, that is a sign of possible human life, so the right to abortion should end there. Pro choicers have bargained their way up to stopping a beating heart into the second trimester, when the fetus would be able to survive outside of the womb under some circumstances. This is the viability test. Well, since most children are unable to support themselves until they are at least 18 years old and they can get their own job, how can they be considered fully viable... Pro choice arguments are very shaky.



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