Housing or Abortion. 19 weeks pregnant?

Housing or Abortion. 19 weeks pregnant?

Housing or Abortion. 19 weeks pregnant?


Okay. I read your previous question about him leaving you. Your baby is now your ONE AND ONLY top priority. You should not have an abortion just to keep that "man". I wouldn't be calling him the "father" of your child because up to this point he doesn't deserve that title. If he truly loves you and wants to be with you then he'll step up to the plate. Get two-three jobs and figure out a way to have money to be able to raise your child. Move back with your parents at a time like this only your family will be there for you. I went through the same thing but NOT ONCE did i consider abortion. I'm almost 8months and I'm very excited to be having this baby even if it's on my own. I love my baby more then I do my sperm donor. He's of NO importance to my life right now. I do have a good job and I'm sure you'll be fine. My friend is only 23 years old and she's doing GREAT as a single mom (she has a 7 yr old and a 3yr old) she's done everything on her own. I'm sure you'll be fine just take care of yourself and your baby and don't worry about him.


Don't call, but go in to your local Income Support Division. They'll help you get a little help with food and money. You can also go to Birth Right if you have one in your area and they'll help you find a place to live. If the father of your child thinks the only solution is to abort the baby then I'd be getting away from him fast. I'm 19 weeks pregnant, as well, and I can't imagine willingly giving up this baby. You need support, not him trying to talk you into an abortion. Make as many calls and appearances as you have to, but don't give up your child. There are several government programs that can help you out, you just have to find them. Good luck, hon.


I say go to the state and see what they can do for you. There are tons of people out there that somehow do it. Abortion is NEVER the answer! Or maybe you should try to find another job or a new one. I took a CNA class that only lasted a few weeks. They make good money. Just don't abort! Good Luck and God Bless!


http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/calendar/... Please read this page before considering abortion. How you can obtain help for housing depends of where you live. Where are you living right now? And what about any family members? There are places that you can stay that will take you and your baby. You have access to a computer- start there and search for housing options in your area. Try this. www.section8programs.com


I believe it is to late for a abortion at 19 weeks along. Find a hotline or general assiatance company in your area and see if they can help you with housing. goodluck.


19 weeks is too far along for an abortion anyway. Not sure with America only uk


Try to get a different or a second job. One that pays better. Even if it's just flipping burgers, it's still a job!


there is low income housing all around. call the dept of human services and ask them where low income housing is. if you dont have a job u dont have to pay rent. rent is based on income.


You need to go to your local human services department and get on wic, food stamps, etc... You will qualify for much more than you think, go now! Good luck!



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