Home abortion??? Need help pls?

Home abortion??? Need help pls?

Home abortion??? Need help pls?


This is not the time to be concerned with looking like a slut. You have to grow up and make a responsible decision - and if abortion is the most responsible decision - you have to to it in the most responsible way. Find a medical doctor to help guide you through this - you owe it to your self and your own body - but you also owe your unborn child a HUMANE abortion. No one at a medical clinic is going to look at you like you are a slut - unless you go in for repeat abortions and use it as a form of birth control. Take care of this responsibly - and then move forward with the rest of your life having SAFE and RESPONSIBLE sex so you dont have to face a decision like this again.


If you want to risk dying, then you can do a home abortion. You need to go to a clinic to get it done by a DOCTOR. And the only people who are going to think you're a slut are the ones that don't know your situation, and just like to judge. Don't worry about them.


I think this is probobly a troll. But if your for real, then there is NO WAY that you should do a home abortion! I dont belive in abortions, but if your sure you want to get one then you need to go to a clinic.


Well you are a slut....problem solved Deal with it and give it for adoption, also go back to school and learn how to write in proper English and spell correctly. It would do the readers a favor from losing a brain cell reading your pathetic whine.


how old are you??? you must be young to say something like that. any at home abortions could also harm you so dont be stupid! If you were silly enough to get pregnant and didnt want to then suck it up and go get it done safely and properly, its all completely confidential!


cheaply? box of condoms work out cheaper. just go to a doctor if you really dont want the baby because if you do it at home you will end up bleeding to death


I'm not for sure. But if you stand very still and allow my 6' 4" 290 pound husband to kick you in the face..it might just work! Go away Troll...we all know you are a liar!


piss ur bf off go to a clinic. i would rather look like a **** then risk my health. while u r there grow up what kind of person even thinks that?


A coat hanger to your brain will do the trick.



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